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Transport Services: How To Prepare Your Car for Transport to Hawaii

According to a 2020 survey by OnePoll, over 45% of Americans said that moving is the most stressful event in life.

For instance, when relocating to Hawaii, you will have a myriad of decisions to make. Besides your household items, you also have to think about your car. The big question is whether you should sell it, take it to the port or use transport services to move it.

The truth is that contracting a vehicle transportation service is safer and more convenient. But before you hand your car over to the auto-shipping company, you must prepare it for the long ride.

So, how should you prepare your car for transport to Hawaii? Read on as we answer all your questions.

Wash Your Car

Loading and transporting your car on a ship to Hawaii will be a delicate process, and anything can happen. For example, your car could get scratched.

Wash your vehicle thoroughly before you call the auto transport services. The objective is to remove any dust or dirt that could any marks on the car. Cleaning it will make it easier to inspect and note if it has any dents or scratches.

Washing your car is also vital because you can identify any damage to its body after delivery. And if you did not cause it, you can ask the service provider to cover the repair cost.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Usually, vehicle transport service providers will inspect your vehicle before loading it. However, it would help if you did the same. Take photos of both the exterior and interior of your car.

If your vehicle gets damaged while in transit, you will have some evidence to prove it.

Disable the Alarm

You don’t want your alarm car alarm to go off when in transit. Such an incident could distract the transporter. Hence, disabling your vehicle’s alarm system will come in handy.

Do Not Gas Up

Before shipping your car, ensure the fuel in the tank is as low as possible. The general rule of thumb is to have ¼ tank of gas.

The logic behind this is that fuel increases the weight of your car. Moreover, the truck and the ship will carry many vehicles. Consequently, the collective weight will be significant if each automobile has a full tank.

Remember, trucks pass through weight stations, and exceeding the stipulated weight will attract hefty fines. Transport companies are keen on avoiding such expenses.

A quarter tank is ideal because the driver will drive the vehicle when loading it up and offloading. And when the transport company delivers your car, you will have enough gas to get to the filling station.

Inspect the Under Carriage for Leaks

Inspect your vehicle’s undercarriage before you call the auto-shipping company for pick up. You want to ensure that it has no leakage. Otherwise, the fluids could damage other cars on the truck’s lower deck.

In case of any leakage, take your car to the service shop for repairs. Or else the transport service will turn down your vehicle.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Overinflated and underinflated tires carry the same risk on a shipping vessel as on the road. See to it that your tire pressure is within the acceptable parameters.

Lock Your Car Properly

While your car is in transit, it will not be necessary for anyone to access it. Lock all the doors properly for safe transportation.

Remove Loose Parts from Your Car

Transporting vehicles is an intricate exercise. And if your car has any loose parts, they may come off and get lost. These parts may include spoilers, mirrors, fog lights, etc.

Remove them for safe keeping, and you will not need to worry about anything.

Remove Valuables and Personal Items from the Car

Other people, such as the driver loading up your car, will have access to the vehicle. But besides that, transportation services are not allowed to transport household items.

If you leave valuables and personal items in your car, the auto shipping company might have to dispose of them. Instead, remove them beforehand to avoid unnecessary complications. It is incredibly essential if you will load the vehicle onto a ship directly.

Loading your car in a container will provide some leeway on personal items. You can leave your belongings inside the vehicle. But they shouldn’t block the driver’s seat.

The service provider will need it to drive the car in and out of the container. Furthermore, any items you leave in the vehicle may shift from side to side during the trip. Hence, you need to ensure they will not cause any damage to your car.

Sort Out Your Documentation

Regardless of the method you use to ship your car to Hawaii, you will need a couple of documents. First off, you must have the vehicle title. And if you co-own it, the other party should be present to authorize the movement of the car.  

If not so, you will need a notarized permission letter from the other party.

Also, you could still be paying for the vehicle. If this is the case, request your lender to give you a letter to authorize moving the automobile to Hawaii.

On top of that, you must have a current registration accompanied by a Picture ID matching the name on registration and title.

Work With Best Car Transport Services

Your car provides the much-needed convenience when you are running errands. However, when relocating to an island, you will need transport services.

In such circumstances, auto-shipping companies will come in handy. If you want the entire process to go smoothly, follow the tips in this article to prepare it.

So, is your move to Hawaii on the horizon? Luxy Transport is an auto-shipping company that provides a wide range of services. This includes open, enclosed, and cross-country vehicle transport.

Contact us today and we will gladly help you transport your car to Hawaii

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