Tips for Oversized Auto Transport in Florida

Do you think the Florida auto transport landscape is dedicated to just shipping cars or bikes? Well, if the answer is yes, you are gravely mistaken because a substantial part of the industry focuses on large or oversized vehicles. Since oversized vehicles are less common than cars or any other automobile, most people are not concerned with how the process works. However, if you own a limousine, large boat, yacht, recreational vehicle, or any other oversized vehicle that’s dear to you, here are some tips for oversized auto transport.

1.Understand the Oversized Vehicle Regulations

Before hitting the roads, the first thing you need to do is comprehend the regulations governing the transport of oversized vehicles in Florida. The wise way is to work with experts in the industry who frequently deal in handling the transport of these vehicles because they understand the maximum allowable dimensions, weight limits, and the necessary permits. In addition, they are also thorough with the guidelines laid by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to ensure compliance with the state laws and avoid penalties.

2.Get Necessary Permits

What professional auto transport companies do is secure the appropriate permits necessary for oversized vehicle transport. Based on the weight and size of the vehicle, they plan a single-trip permit or an annual permit and to prevent any delays in the transportation schedule, they ensure all the permits are sanctioned in advance.

3.Planning Routes Strategically

The key to shipping oversized vehicles on large trailers is planning the routes strategically. You cannot take a life-size trailer on a cramped road and block the traffic. Instead, you need to identify roads with wide routes, sufficient clearance, and weight-bearing capacity to accommodate your vehicle. Professionals use mapping tools that consider the dimensions of your cargo, avoid low bridges, narrow passages, and weight-restricted areas, and you can do it too!

4.Hire Professionals

Let’s face it: there’s no way you can deliver an oversized vehicle as seamlessly as the experts in the industry can do. Most seasoned shippers are experienced drivers, well-versed in handling trailers with large roads, and they know the routes thoroughly. Besides, knowledgeable drivers are also familiar with Florida’s road regulations, and they have all the necessary safety features and accessories like load banners, reflective tape, and warning lights to enhance safety during transport and reduce the risk of accidents.

5.Schedule Right

The last part is to choose the right time for shipping the trailer. You can always choose off-peak hours to minimize traffic congestion and expedite your delivery. Besides, the emptier the roads are, the less the likelihood of complications on the road. However, you don’t need to plan everything, because there are always professionals, who can get the work done for you!


You might not realize it sooner, but Florida’s expansive road networks, diverse cultures, and picturesque landscapes make it a common destination for oversized vehicles. If you want to ship your bulky automobile, or you need the aid of professionals for car transport to Florida when you are shipping one or multiple cars, ensure to go for the professionals, instead of trusting mediocre names. Looking for professionals for oversized vehicle transport or in general, auto transport in Florida? Contact the shipping pros at Luxy Transport today!

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