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Planning to transport your car to Alaska but don’t know how? We can come to your rescue with our top-notch Alaska auto shipping services. Get in touch with us to explore the options for safely moving your car to this pene-exclave territory. Ship your car to and from Alaska with Luxy Transport. The most affordable prices with no hidden fees and no credit card required to book your shipment.

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Advantages of Vehicle Shipping Services in Alaska

There are countless of Alaska auto shipping companies, so finding the right one can be challenging. Your transport specialist will identify the most reliable ones with the best price. Luxy Transport also has some of the best prices in the industry with no hidden fees. Once you discuss your requirements with our transport specialist, we will find the most affordable options for shipping vehicles to Alaska within your budget. With us, you can enjoy affordable rates without compromising the quality of service during the vehicle shipping process! We offer the most competitive costs to ship vehicles, so you never have to pay extra to get the service you need!

Long-distance driving is exhausting and time-consuming. You’ll also have to pay for accommodations, food, and fuel along the way. Avoid the hassle and save time by having us transport your vehicle to Alaska instead. Our efficiency is one of the reasons why we are considered a leader in this industry for Alaska car shipping! From the moment you trust us with your vehicle, we take charge, planning the best route and maintaining the highest level of security. We respect your schedule and ensure quick deliveries at reasonable prices. Our team ensures you have a seamless experience while shipping a car to Alaska from beginning to end!

Driving long distances can put your vehicle under a lot of stress. You may not have to pay for transportation, but you’ll have higher maintenance costs later on. Extend your car’s lifespan by shipping it through us. Our state-of-the-art carriers will protect your vehicles from inclement weather and other natural hazards. At the same time, our careful handling will minimize wear and tear as your car moves over long distances. As a leading Alaska auto transport company, we are fully bonded and insured. Hence, you can rest assured that any damage to your vehicle will be compensated in case of unforeseen circumstances.

You shouldn’t have to make multiple trips if you plan to move multiple vehicles. Make it simple with our vehicle shipping services. Enclosed carriers can carry up to 7 cars, while open carriers can carry up to 10. Our transport specialists will put you in touch with the most suitable carriers to simplify the process of car shipping in Alaska. By shipping multiple vehicles through Luxy Transport, you can save money and ensure complete peace of mind throughout the process. As one of the leading shipping companies in the U.S., we are committed to providing a hassle-free Alaska car transport experience!

Shipping a Car to Alaska Made Easy with Luxy Transport

Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle in a different state or moving, driving it to where you need it can be stressful and costly. Avoid the hassle with Luxy Transport’s long-distance Alaska vehicle shipping services.

We help vehicle owners get their property to and from Alaska. An experienced transport specialist will listen to your needs and find a suitable carrier for your vehicle within 1-5 days. Choose from our available options:

Open Vehicle

Open Vehicle Transport

This is your fastest, most affordable option for transporting your vehicle.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Transport your car within an enclosed carrier for extra safety.
cargo ship

Cross Country Vehicle Transport

Ship your vehicle across the country and straight to your new home or office.

Seasonal Relocation Transport

Have your vehicle sent to your seasonal residence.
Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

Get safe vehicle transportation for military personnel.

College Vehicle Transport

Take your car with you when you go to college with our transport service.
Big truck

Oversized Vehicle Transport

Quickly transport heavy vehicles like RVs, boats, and tractors.

Motorcycle Transport

No  Motorcycle transport currently to Alaska.

Dump Truck

Exclave Vehicle Transport

Transport your car directly to or from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.

Why Luxy Transport For Alaska Car Shipping

Personalized Services

We strive to make vehicle transportation as easy for you as possible. Just tell us about your requirements, and our team will find the best options for you.

Highly Experienced

Receive services from some of the best auto transport specialists in the industry. Your transport specialist will provide an accurate estimate and quickly arrange your shipment.

Huge Carrier Network

Choose Luxy Transport to gain access to a vast network of the most reliable vehicle carriers in Alaska. We vetted each one to ensure your vehicle comes under no harm during transit.

GPS Tracking

Protect your peace of mind with real-time updates of your vehicle’s location. You’ll get the driver’s contact info as well as GPS tracking, so you always know where it is.

Get a Quote

Get long-distance vehicle shipping in Alaska with Luxy Transport’s comprehensive auto shipping services. Get a free quote by filling out our online form and talking to our team.


Luxy Transport provides Alaska auto shipping to and from the following ports: Anchorage, Homer, Juneau, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Wasilla, Whittier, and Dutch Harbor.

All vehicles shipping to and from the mainland, are loaded and unloaded from the port of Seattle, Washington.

Yes. They should be in the trunk or back seat and shouldn’t be higher than the window line. The weight limit for personal items depends on the carrier, and they will likely charge more for the extra weight.

Keep in mind that these aren’t covered by insurance should they get damaged or stolen, so we don’t recommend doing this with valuable items.

Currently, we do not ship inoperable vehicles to Alaska.

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