Auto Transport in Idaho

Are you tired of driving your vehicle across long distances because you have to move frequently? Or, have you bought a new car in a different state and want to ship it to Idaho? Well, irrespective of your Idaho car shipping worries, you can rely on us to make your auto transportation experience effortless and stress-free. 

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Perks of Vehicle Shipping Services in Idaho

Unlike the DIY method, a car shipping company offers unparalleled convenience. Especially when coordinating a long-distance move, or relocating multiple vehicles, when you choose a car shipping service, you don’t have to drive every car individually

Selecting an auto transport company doesn’t just save you time and effort; it also helps you save money. Contrary to popular belief, working with an Idaho auto shipping company can be a whole lot inexpensive because you can dodge fuel costs, potential lodging expenses for overnight stops, etc.

When you are shipping your car to the state of Idaho, safety and security remain a prime concern. With professional companies for auto transport in Idaho, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe because the carriers are handled by professionals trained to handle different vehicles, and the cars are loaded onto specialized trailers, to reduce the risk of damage during transit

When you are relocating your vehicle, time is everything. Especially when it’s the only vehicle you use, delivery times are critical. Working with professionals for car shipping in Idaho ensures you meet your car transport deadlines without sacrificing safety.

Get the Luxy Advantage

Moving can be overwhelming, and especially when you are scheduling the big move for your vehicle, it can be all the way more daunting. Whether it’s about an SUV, a sports car, a vintage car, or something as huge as an RV, you can always rely on our Idaho car transport to ship a car. 

Our crew of professionals and specialized car carriers can offer door-to-door Idaho car transport services for vehicle owners, so they don’t have to handle everything on their own. From Idaho Falls to Ammon to Rose Nielsen, Lincoln, Saddlebrook, and more, our professionals offer open or enclosed car shipping services everywhere. 

Need more information about our services? Well, here’s a brief! 

Open Vehicle

Worried about the cost of shipping your vehicle? You can go for our cost-effective and convenient open trailers to ship your automobile. 


If you have the budget to spare, or are worried about the safety of your vehicle on the road, our enclosed transport can be an excellent idea.

cargo ship

In addition to shipping your vehicles on an enclosed trailer, we also offer snowbird transport and seasonal shipping to protect your car on the road during extreme weather conditions.


Dealer-to-Dealer Transport

Are you a dealer who needs reliable transportation for inventory? You can always get a shipping quote from us, and your vehicle will be delivered safely, and on time. 

Military Vehicle

Expedited Shipping

In a hurry? No problem! With our expedited shipping service, we can prioritize the transportation of your vehicle to ensure it reaches its destination as quickly as possible.


Standard Shipping

Need to move your vehicle across Idaho? Our standard shipping service is perfect for you. Our professionals pick up your car and deliver it safely to your destination, so you don’t have to drive it on your own. 

Why Choose Luxy Transport?

Expert Team

When you trust Luxy Transport with your vehicle, you can rest assured that it’s in safe hands. We have a team of experienced professionals, who can handle your vehicle safely and securely on the road. 


At Luxy Transport, we firmly believe that car shipping shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why our rates are competitive, and you get the best value for money when you work with us. 


Moving can be overwhelming, but with Luxy Transport, it’s a breeze! We offer door-to-door service, meaning we pick up your vehicle from your desired location

Need an Estimate?

Contact us today! We would be more than happy to assist you and offer a personalized car shipping quote. Contact us, and find out the shipping options your vehicle has!

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