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Do you hate the idea of driving your vehicle across miles just to relocate it? Well, if you want a safe and efficient way to ship your car without adding miles to it or subjecting it to wear and tear, auto transport service in Georgia from Luxy Transport can be the way to go. As one of the leading shipping companies in Georgia, the professionals offer an extensive array of services to cover your vehicle’s transportation needs.

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Benefits of Auto Transport in Georgia

Worried about the transport cost for your vehicle? Well, most people prefer to drive their vehicle across long distances on their own because they don’t want to pay the shipping fees. However, when you choose us as your partner for Georgia auto transport, we assure cost-effective prices. With a team of seasoned professionals, we handle the intricacies of your transportation carefully. Your vehicle reaches its drop-off point in immaculate condition and while doing so, we don’t break your bank. 

Whether you need open carrier transport, enclosed auto transport, or door-to-door service, our car transport service in Georgia has got you covered. Our fleet has state-of-the-art and professional careers handled by professionals who can secure and safely transport your classic car, SUV, RV, or any oversized vehicle across Georgia’s terrain. No matter when you need it or if you are shipping your car to or from Georgia, our car carriers have got you covered. 

Moving to Georgia and looking for professional auto transport companies to help you through the overwhelming journey? We can help. At Luxy Transport, we redefine customer service. We prioritize personalized attention, catering to specific client needs and preferences. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support throughout the transportation process, for a seamless journey. Whether you are shipping a single car or multiple vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and RVs, we can keep all your shipping needs under one roof, so you don’t have to pay twice the amount or handle more vehicle cargo. 

At Luxy Transport, we understand that entrusting your car to strangers can be overwhelming and scary. However, as one of the leading providers of car transport services in Georgia, we consider safety as paramount. Our cutting-edge safety protocols and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the utmost protection for every vehicle in transit. We adhere to rigorous safety standards, mitigating risks and upholding the integrity of our clients’ prized automobiles. Besides, we also offer insurance for customer satisfaction, so if anything happens to your vehicle after you entrust us with it, we can be accountable for your loss.

Hassle-Free Car Transport Services in Georgia

Are you looking for reliable car shipping companies in Georgia to handle relocation for your vehicle? Our mission revolves around ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction with our premier car transport services within the state. No matter the type of your vehicle, our team of professionals can provide a seamless experience for moving your car securely and punctually. 


Our services for auto transport in Georgia include Georgia car transporters who prioritize safety and timely delivery. With top-notch carriers and an unscathed industry reputation, we ensure your vehicle’s safety through the transportation process. Want to transport your car without any hiccups? Luxy Transport can offer auto transport services synonymous with clear communication, transparent pricing and tailor-made solutions on a reasonable budget. Need more information or want an estimate? Contact us today!

Open Vehicle

Your vehicle, picked up and dropped off at your preferred locations, hassle-free.


Optimal protection in transit with our enclosed carriers for luxury and classic cars.

cargo ship

Reliable and cost-effective transportation for standard vehicles.


Expedited Shipping

Need it there fast? Choose our expedited service for quicker delivery.

Military Vehicle

Cross-Country Transport

Safe and efficient transportation coast to coast, spanning the nation.

Big truck

Dealer-to-Dealer Transfers

Streamlined logistics for dealership vehicle transfers


Motorcycle Shipping

Secure and reliable transport options for motorcycles of all sizes.

Dump Truck

RV and Trailer Transport

Safe and efficient transport for recreational vehicles and trailers.

What Makes Us the Best for Auto Transport in Georgia?

Unmatched Reliability and Safety

At Luxy Transport, reliability and safety aren’t just promises; they are fundamental principles. Our stringent safety protocols and trained professionals ensure your vehicle’s protection throughout the entire journey. From enclosed carriers for added security to comprehensive insurance coverage, your vehicle’s safety is our top priority.

Extensive Range of Services

Experience a multitude of car transport services in Georgia tailored to meet diverse transportation needs. Whether it’s door-to-door delivery, or expedited shipping,  Luxy Transport offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. We specialize in handling various vehicles, from standard cars to exotic models and motorcycles, providing customized transport options.

Superior Customer Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering for auto transport in Georgia. With 24/7 customer support, we ensure a seamless experience from booking to delivery. Our team is dedicated to addressing any concerns promptly and offering guidance throughout the transportation process. Expect personalized attention and assistance at every step of the way.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We leverage cutting-edge technology to transport your vehicle for optimizing efficiency and transparency. Our technology allows for easy booking, real-time tracking, and access to detailed vehicle inspection reports. You’re always in the loop, empowered with information about your shipment’s progress.

Experienced Professionals

Trust in the expertise of our experienced transport specialists. From our drivers to logistics coordinators, each member of the Luxy Transport team is extensively trained to handle various vehicle types with care and precision. Expect professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that every vehicle is unique, we offer customized transport solutions. Whether it’s a classic car requiring special handling or a corporate fleet needing efficient transportation, we tailor our services to suit specific requirements. Your vehicle’s distinct needs are our priority.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees or surprises—our pricing is transparent and competitive. We believe in upfront communication regarding costs, providing detailed quotes and explanations for clarity. With Luxy Transport, you can trust in fair and honest pricing without compromising on quality.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Embracing sustainability, Luxy Transport implements eco-friendly practices whenever possible. From optimizing transport routes to minimizing carbon emissions, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering top-notch services.

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At Luxy Transport, safety is paramount. We employ a range of measures, including specialized carriers, employing trained professionals, and comprehensive insurance coverage. Our enclosed carriers offer added protection against external elements, ensuring your vehicle arrives in pristine condition.

We believe in transparency. Our quotes are based on various factors such as distance, vehicle type, and selected services. You will receive a detailed breakdown of costs, with no hidden fees. We aim for fair and competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service.

We understand that every vehicle is different. Whether it’s delicate handling for a luxury car or specific delivery timelines, we accommodate special requests. Our team works closely with you to tailor transport solutions that meet your vehicle’s unique needs.

Absolutely! Luxy Transport specializes in handling multiple vehicles. Whether it’s a family move, corporate relocation, or dealership transfer, we streamline the process for simultaneous transportation, ensuring each vehicle reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

We accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from standard cars to exotic models, motorcycles, RVs, and even heavy equipment. Our expertise extends across various vehicle types, ensuring reliable and secure transport for almost any vehicle.

Booking in advance is recommended to secure your preferred pickup and delivery dates. We advise scheduling at least two weeks ahead, especially during peak seasons. However, we also understand urgent situations and offer expedited options for quicker arrangements.

We provide detailed guidelines to prepare your vehicle for transportation. This includes ensuring the vehicle is clean, removing personal belongings, securing loose parts, and maintaining a low fuel level. Our team guides you through the preparation process for a smooth transport experience.

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