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Are you moving to a different state or buying a vehicle from across the country? Avoid the hassle of driving over long distances with Luxy Transport’s open car shipping service. We provide safe, affordable auto transportation with low brokerage fees. With us, you can get open transport car shipping anywhere in the United States.

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Cost-Effective, Long-Distance Open Car Shipping

Driving a vehicle to a different state can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming. You’ll have to make multiple stops, endure being on the road for hours at a time, and find accommodation on the way. Avoid all that with our open carrier car transport service.

You’ll have an affordable, hassle-free way to bring your vehicle where you need it. All you have to do is place an order, and one of our brokers will handle the rest.

How Open Vehicle Transport Works

Our open transport car shipping service involves three simple steps:

Contact us and provide us with your contact details, vehicle information, and its destination. We will estimate the cost to ship your car in an open trailer based on the distance, car specifications, and other requirements. A transport specialist will then give you a quote. You can then place an order if you’re happy with the estimate, and your transport specialist will set everything up within 72 hours.

A carrier will come on an agreed-upon date and time, fill out a Bill of Lading, and load your vehicle onto a truck. They’ll strap it down to ensure its safety during transport. We’ll also provide you with the driver’s contact information, so you’ll have direct communication with them and can receive updates. In addition, you can get GPS access, so you can seamlessly track your car when you use our car transport service.

The carrier will drop your vehicle off at a pre-arranged location. You will receive a notification when your vehicle is close to the destination so you can prepare for the handover process. Sign and review Bill of Lading at drop-off. It will contain details regarding your vehicle’s condition upon pickup and delivery, so you can use it to check if it sustained any damage during transportation.

What are Open Carrier Car Shipping Prices

The average cost of open car shipping is around $2 per mile for distances of up to 200 miles. However, it only costs an average of $0.58 per mile for distances of 1,500 miles and greater, so you save more the farther you need to transport your car.
Keep in mind that transportation costs vary greatly. In addition to mileage, they depend on your vehicle’s make and model and the carrier. Consult with one of our transport specialists for an accurate assessment. Typically, open car transport is a much more affordable option than shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier. When you get in touch with us, we can walk you through the car shipping costs and help you compare your options so you can make the right decision.

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Open Vehicle Transport Advantages

Open auto carriers can carry 7 to 10 vehicles at once, and they have a lighter design than enclosed carriers. This means less demand and lower fuel costs, making it your most affordable option. If you want to transport your standard vehicle and not a classic or luxury car, open auto transport may be the best option for you!

There are countless open auto carriers, and you can easily find a suitable one for your car through us. More routes are available through this option, so you can transport your vehicle to where you need it to be without much waiting time. Most car carriers offer open shipping, allowing you to compare multiple options and choose the one that fits the bill!

Sure, you can save a bit of money by driving your vehicle instead of having it transported, but you’ll also decrease its lifespan by traveling such a long distance. Prevent excessive wear and tear on it with our open auto transport services. With us, you can save hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs and minimize the risks of damage to your vehicle!

It’s impossible to move multiple vehicles simultaneously without more drivers. Make it easy by entrusting them to us. We’ll arrange for a carrier to handle your order. Open auto transport is an economical and convenient option for people who want to transport multiple vehicles as open trailers can hold up to 10 cars at a time.

Why Luxy Transport For Open Car Transport

Get some of the best open car shipping services in the industry.

Trusted Carrier Network

Luxy Transport has a vast network of open auto carriers. We screened and chose each one, so you’ll get the most reliable transportation services available. Ensure your vehicle’s safety by working with us.

Best Prices

Our team strives to make your purchase as cost-effective as possible. They’ll find you the best-priced open carrier services. Our transport specialists will analyze your requirements and identify the most cost-effective auto-shipping options to prepare a cost estimate!

Top-Class Customer Service

Get customer services personalized to your needs by choosing us. Our representatives will answer any questions you have, advise you on your best options, and keep you informed of your vehicle’s status.

GPS Tracking

You can contact the carrier driver for updates on your vehicle while they’re transporting it, but you can also track it via GPS. You’ll get real-time updates, so you’ll always have peace of mind when shipping your car through us.

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Our transport specialists create accurate quotes based on the make and model of your car, the type of carrier you choose, and the number of miles between the pick-up and drop-off points. However, the carrier may charge additional fees in the case of specific scenarios. For example, if you place personal items in your car, the carrier may charge an additional fee for the extra weight. Similarly, if your vehicle is inoperable, the carrier may charge extra to cover the cost of lifting and loading the automobile.

You should remove all valuable items from the car, and take out any loose parts like truck bed liners that may fly off during transport. Moreover, you should ensure that your vehicle’s tank is quarter-full before handing it over to the car shipping service. Having this much fuel helps the carrier drive it to the loading point and avoids safety hazards due to excess gas.

When you ship your vehicle through our auto transport company, we keep you informed at every step along the way! Our transport specialist will speak to you and determine a convenient time to arrange the pickup. They will notify you when the carrier arrives so you can stay prepared for the handover process. Once the carrier comes, they will inspect your car, record the condition in a Bill of Lading, provide their contact details, and take your car for shipping!

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