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Hassle-Free Car shipping services in Arizona from Luxy Transport

Are you searching for reliable auto transport companies in Arizona? Look no further! Luxy Transport can be your trusted car shipping company for everything from day-to-day cars to luxury vehicles. As one of the leading companies for auto transport in Arizona, we specialize in hassle-free car transport services in Arizona. Whether you are selling your vehicle, relocating, or simply need to move your brand-new car to or from Arizona, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way!

Need more information about our transport process, or want our services? Fill out our online quote form, or get in touch with our transport specialists to get an estimate. 

Advantages of Car Shipping Services in Arizona

When you factor in the fuel costs, accommodation, meals, and wear and tear on your vehicle, the costs of driving your car across long distances can surpass what you would have paid professional auto transport companies. On the other hand, services for car transport in Arizona can allow you to avoid these expenses and save valuable time. 

Whether you are moving a personal car, a classic automobile, or a luxury vehicle, relocation can always be stressful. From getting a permit from the Arizona Department of Transportation to safeguarding the car from road debris, hiring professionals for car transport in Arizona can eliminate the stress and worry associated with long-distance driving.

Professional vehicle shipping services in Arizona prioritize the safety and protection of your vehicle. They use specialized carriers, including enclosed trailers, which shield your vehicle from road debris, harsh weather conditions, and potential damage during transit. In addition, as one of the leading companies for Arizona auto transport, we have insurance coverage that provides financial protection.

Whether you are relocating, purchasing a vehicle, participating in an auto show, or simply relocating to a new place, these services can accommodate your specific needs and schedule. You can choose between open or enclosed transport, select pick-up and delivery locations that suit you, and even track the progress of your vehicle’s journey.

Make Your Vehicle Move Seamlessly Across States

Planning to relocate to Arizona but can’t find a reliable car transport in Arizona? Or are you looking for a reliable transport service to move your car across the States? Well, irrespective of your demands, when you choose Luxy Transport to ship a car, you are opting for convenience and peace of mind. 

No hidden charges or terms and conditions because with us vehicle owners get different types of carriers and packages for car transport in Arizona. From open to enclosed trailers, we aid vehicle owners in getting their cars to and from Arizona within 1-5 days depending on the location. With us, you can get options like: 

Open Vehicle

Get efficient and cost-effective open vehicle transport services, ensuring your vehicle’s safe delivery to its destination.


With Luxy Transport’s enclosed vehicle transport, your valuable vehicles get immaculate protection from the elements and road debris during transit.

cargo ship

Ship your vehicle across the country with our nationwide coverage without the stress of wear and tear with our cross-country vehicle transport services. 


Seasonal Relocation Transport

Send your vehicle to your seasonal residence or transport your precious automobile during different times of the year with our seasonal vehicle transport. 

Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

We offer specialized military vehicle transport services, catering to the unique needs of service members and veterans.


College Vehicle Transport

Take your car with you when you move to college because, with our college vehicle transport, we ensure your car reaches your campus safely, whether it’s across the state or the country. 

Big truck

Oversized Vehicle Transport

Need the expertise and equipment required for safe and efficient oversized vehicle transport? We can help! 


Motorcycle Transport

With Luxy Transport’s motorcycle transport services, your prized two-wheelers receive the care and protection they deserve during transportation.

Dump Truck

Exclave Vehicle Transport

With our exclave auto transport in Arizona, you get the opportunity to transport your car directly to or from Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.

Why Choose Us for Arizona Car Shipping?

Expertise in Arizona Auto Transport

Our team has extensive experience in auto transport in Arizona. We understand the unique challenges of the region, from varying weather conditions to terrain, and are well-equipped to handle them all.

Commitment to Safety and Security

Your vehicle’s safety is our top priority. We use state-of-the-art equipment and secure loading methods to ensure your car arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

Timely and Reliable Service

At Luxy Transport, we value your time. We strive to provide on-time and reliable car shipping services, so you can plan your move or sale with confidence.

Competitive Pricing

When you choose us for vehicle shipping, rest assured that our competitive prices help you get value for money. We offer transparent pricing for car shipping with no hidden fees, making it easier to budget for your car transport needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the auto transport process. As one of the leading companies for shipping a vehicle, we keep you informed at every step of the way, providing peace of mind.

Door-to-Door Service

We offer door-to-door car shipping, eliminating the need for you to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a terminal. With our massive carrier network, we can pick up your car from your location and deliver it to your desired destination within Arizona.

Personalized Shipping Service

With our professional services for auto transport in Arizona, you can get personalized shipping services based on your budget constraints or individual needs. All you need to do is connect with our team and discuss your shipping concerns about vehicle registration or leaving personal items in the car, and we can handle it for you! 

Get a Quote

Still searching for professional auto shipping services to ship a car? Ready to experience the convenience of Luxy Transport’s professional vehicle shipping services? Getting a quote is your first step towards a seamless and worry-free transport experience. Just fill out some basic details, and we will offer you a competitive and transparent quote tailored to your specific needs.


The cost of vehicle transport varies depending on factors such as the distance, vehicle type, and service level chosen. To get an accurate quote, simply use our online form or contact our customer service team for a personalized estimate.

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during transit. Luxy Transport provides comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle throughout the journey.

Just like any other service, it’s always best to book your vehicle transport as soon as you have a confirmed date or need. While we strive to accommodate last-minute requests, booking in advance allows for better scheduling and ensures your preferred dates are available.

For the safety of your vehicle, it’s recommended to remove all personal items from your vehicle before transport. If you have any concerns regarding this, feel free to discuss specific guidelines with our team when booking.

Luxy Transport can handle a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and even oversized vehicles. We offer specialized services for various vehicle types, ensuring safe and reliable transport for all your needs.

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