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Easily transport your vehicle to anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, through Luxy Transport, one of the top auto transport companies in the US.

We’ll quickly provide an affordable quote, set up a shipping date, and pick up your vehicle for safe door-to-door transit. Fill out our contact form to get a quote today!

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How We Help

Transport Multiple Vehicles

Avoid the hassle of finding drivers to move multiple vehicles and have them all shipped at once instead.

Low Service Fees

Quickly make arrangements with a shipping company for some of the lowest service fees in the industry.

Enhanced Safety

By having your vehicle shipped, it won’t suffer from wear and tear due to long-distance travel.

Zero-Stress Vehicle Transportation

Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle in a different state or moving, driving it to where you need it can be stressful and costly. Avoid the hassle with Luxy Transport’s long-distance vehicle shipping services.

We help vehicle owners get their property to and from anywhere in the United States. An experienced transport specialist will listen to your needs and find a suitable carrier for your vehicle within 72 hours. Choose from our available options:

Open Vehicle
This is your fastest, most affordable option for transporting your vehicle.
Transport your car within an enclosed carrier for extra safety.
cargo ship
Ship your vehicle across the country and straight to your new home or office.

Seasonal Relocation Transport

Have your vehicle sent to your seasonal residence.
Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

Get safe vehicle transportation for military personnel.

College Vehicle Transport

Take your car with you when you go to college with our transport service.
Big truck

Oversized Vehicle Transport

Quickly transport heavy vehicles like RVs, boats, and tractors.

Motorcycle Transport

Ship your motorcycle in a specialized crate to ensure its safety.
Dump Truck

Exclave Vehicle Transport

Transport your car directly to or from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Luxy Transport is dedicated to making moving your vehicle as easy and hassle-free as possible. You’ll receive top-class customer service from a highly experienced transport specialists. They’ll listen to your needs, present your options, provide advice, and give you a quote for your request.

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Make sure your vehicle is safe during transit through Luxy Transport. We’ll do our best to make sure nothing happens to your vehicle. If it sustains any damage, and if liable, our transporters insurance will cover the costs in the event of scratches, fire, or theft .

Get a Free Quote

Easily ship your vehicle through Luxy Transport as your shipping company. Fill out our form to get a quote for your request. One of our transport specialist  will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Process

Our vehicle transport services are easy to use, and you can do everything from the comfort of your home.

Get your vehicle transportation quote instantly 24 hours a day. You just need to provide us with contact info, origin, destination, and vehicle information. You will then receive an email instantly with your quote.


Place a vehicle shipping service order if you’re happy with the estimate we provide. Call us at +1 800 492 4959 to discuss your needs with an auto transportation specialist. They’ll handle your order and set it up within 72 hours.

Your broker will contact you once your vehicle has a place on a carrier. They’ll work with you to schedule suitable pickup and delivery times. You’ll also get the driver’s name and contact information.

Ensure your car’s ready for transportation. The driver will call you in advance to let you know they’re picking it up. You’ll get regular updates on its status and notifications when it’s almost arrived.

Why Luxy Transport

Work with Luxy Transport to get some of the best long-distance auto shipping services in the country and ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Why Luxy Transport

Highly Experienced

You’ll have highly experienced vehicle transport specialists to complete your order. They know the industry well and will find the safest, most affordable options for your needs. Your vehicle will arrive at its destination quickly and without a single scratch.

Personalized Services

Make moving your vehicle as easy and hassle-free as possible with Luxy Transport. You’ll get top-class customer service from our representatives. They’ll give you a quote as quickly as possible, answer your questions, and keep you updated on everything regarding your vehicle’s transport.

Fully Insured

You should only trust an auto transport company that’s fully licensed, bonded, and insured, like Luxy Transport. We get only the most reliable carriers to complete your order. Our insurance will cover any costs should someone steal your vehicle or if it sustains damage during transportation.

Huge Carrier Network

You get access to a vast network of vehicle carriers all over the U.S. We vetted each one, so your car will be in the hands of the most trustworthy haulers in the industry. They’ll treat it like their own and will ensure it arrives at its destination as good as when they picked it up.

Extended Hours

We’re here for you the whole year and work extended hours. Contact us whenever you have any questions, and our team will be here to answer.


Depending on how far your destination is, you may have to make multiple stops over a few days to a week. In addition to gas, you’ll have to pay for accommodations, food, and eventually car maintenance costs associated with long-distance travel.

In that time, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to work, and you’re at greater risk of getting into a crash or being the target of crime. If your destination is farther than 500 miles, it’s worth having it shipped instead for more convenience and safety.

The average price of transporting a vehicle across the country is $1,650. However, this can vary greatly depending on these factors:

  • Mileage between origin and destination
  • What kind of vehicle you need transported
  • The shipping option you chose
  • When your car is ready for transportation

It’s best not to assume anything about the cost and wait for a quote from your broker.

There’s no strict cutoff for making car transport arrangements. However, the earlier you schedule it, the better we’ll be able to meet your time requirements with your preferred shipping option. It’s best to start making arrangements at least two weeks in advance.



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