Auto Transport to and from New York

Need reliable auto transport to or from New York? Trust Luxy Transport’s seamless New York car shipping services for safe and timely vehicle transportation. No hidden fees or extra booking charges – experience a stress-free process from start to finish!

Our dedicated transportation specialists match you with the perfect carrier, ensuring top-notch service at the best available rates. Whether you have a plan to ship a car to New York or from New York, our efficient services cater to your needs year-round, delivering exceptional customer service throughout the process.

We handle everything – transporting your car to New York is hassle-free with Luxy Transport. Get a free shipping quote by clicking below and filling out our form. Choose our reliable transport service for a worry-free experience when shipping your car to New York State or New York City.

Luxy Transport's New York Vehicle Shipping Services: Benefits

At Luxy Transport, we understand that each customer is unique, and their car shipping needs vary. That’s why we prioritize personalized service. Our team engages with you to understand your specific requirements for auto transport in New York. Whether it is the type of vehicle, preferred transit time, or additional services needed, we customize the entire auto-shipping process to suit your preferences. You will feel heard and catered to, ensuring a smoother and more satisfactory experience

We, one of the best car transport companies, believe in providing affordable car transport services without compromising on quality or care. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get cost-effective shipping solutions while receiving the utmost care for your vehicle. We understand the importance of your car and its value to you, which is why we handle it with the utmost attention and care throughout the transportation process. We aim to offer budget-friendly options that don’t compromise the safety and security of your vehicle during transit in New York City.

One of our primary focuses is on ensuring that your vehicle reaches its destination in New York without any damage. We employ highly trained professionals who handle car shipping in New York with precision and care. Our commitment to quality extends to using secure and reliable transportation methods, minimizing any risks of damage during transit. From pickup to drop-off, your vehicle is in safe hands, ensuring it arrives in the same condition as when it was loaded for transport.

Luxy Transport, the best car shipping company, understands that sometimes, there’s a need to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. We, as the best auto transport company, offer options for bulk transportation, allowing you to move multiple cars together efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether for commercial purposes or personal needs, our services cater to transporting multiple vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience while moving cars within or from New York.

Streamlined Car Shipping Solutions from New York City

Luxy Transport simplifies long-distance auto shipping, alleviating the stress and expenses associated with driving your car cross-country from New York City. Our seamless services ensure a hassle-free experience when transporting your vehicle to your desired destination. Simply fill out our contact form to receive a quick cost estimate and initiate the process effortlessly!

Our expertise extends across the United States, including New York City, catering to diverse vehicle shipping needs. Within 72 hours, our proficient transport specialists allocate suitable carriers, considering your specific requirements. Choose from our range of options, including open transport, tailored to suit your preferences and ensure a smooth journey for your vehicle.

We understand the importance of transit time and safety, which is why Luxy Transport prioritizes efficiency and reliability. You can trust us to handle the intricate process of transporting your car. We provide you peace of mind throughout the journey from New York City to your intended destination.

Experience a stress-free car shipping endeavor with Luxy Transport’s dedicated approach. We aim to make your vehicle shipping in New York City an effortless and secure process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move or vehicle purchase without worries. You can try:

Open Vehicle

Luxy Transport’s open vehicle transport offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for shipping standard vehicles. Ideal for customers in New York seeking affordable yet reliable auto shipping, this service ensures timely deliveries year-round. Whether moving within New York State or interstate, our open transport caters to diverse vehicle transportation needs, providing a secure and accessible option for shipping your car.


For those with high-value or delicate vehicles in New York, our enclosed transport guarantees maximum protection during transit. This service ensures added security, shielding vehicles from external elements and potential damage. Ideal for York auto owners concerned about the time of year or specific conditions during transit, our enclosed transport offers peace of mind and meticulous care for shipping your car.

cargo ship

Luxy Transport specializes in cross-country vehicle transport, facilitating seamless moves for customers in New York. Whether relocating or buying/selling a vehicle across states, our service ensures safe and reliable transportation, addressing concerns about transit time and interstate shipping challenges.


Seasonal Relocation Transport

Our seasonal relocation transport accommodates customers in New York during moves prompted by specific times of the year. Whether for winter escapes or summer relocations, this service provides tailored solutions for shipping your car, ensuring a hassle-free and timely transport experience.

Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

Luxy Transport’s dedicated military vehicle transport offers specialized services for military personnel in New York. We understand the unique needs and time constraints military members face. Our service ensures secure and efficient transportation, accommodating specific requirements during moves.


College Vehicle Transport

For students or families in New York relocating for college, our college vehicle transport simplifies the process. This service provides convenient and timely shipping options, ensuring hassle-free transportation of vehicles to and from college campuses.


Oversized Vehicle Transport

Luxy Transport handles larger vehicles with precision through our oversized vehicle transport service. Ideal for customers in New York with larger vehicles, this service ensures safe and secure transportation, addressing concerns about shipping oversized vehicles.

Military Vehicle

Motorcycle Transport

Our specialized motorcycle transport service caters to bikers in New York. We provide reliable and efficient shipping options for motorcycles, considering the specific needs and concerns of motorcycle owners during transport.


Exclave Vehicle Transport

Even for customers in New York residing in remote areas, our exclave vehicle transport extends reliable shipping services. We ensure secure and efficient transportation, addressing concerns about accessibility and timely deliveries to remote locations in New York City.

Why Opt for Us When Shipping Your Car To or From New York?

Personalized Service

Many transport companies overlook individual customer needs, offering one-size-fits-all solutions. Customers often struggle to find services tailored to their specific requirements. But, we prioritize personalized service, understanding unique needs and preferences. Our tailored approach ensures every aspect of the transport aligns with your specific demands, providing a seamless and customer-centric experience.

Highly Experienced

Inexperienced companies may lack the knowledge or expertise, leading to delays, mishandling, or poor communication. With extensive experience, our team navigates challenges adeptly. We leverage our knowledge to streamline processes, ensuring efficient communication and top-notch handling throughout your car’s journey.

Huge Carrier Network

Limited carrier options offered by a regular company in New York hinder flexibility and timely transport, especially during peak times or urgent shipments. However, our expansive carrier network provides flexibility and ample choices, ensuring timely pickups and deliveries regardless of the season or urgency, granting customers peace of mind.

GPS Tracking

Generally, a lack of real-time tracking leaves customers uncertain about their car’s location and safety during transit. But, we offer GPS tracking, empowering customers to monitor their vehicle’s journey in real-time. This transparency ensures confidence and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Enhanced Protection

When you choose other companies, the concerns about vehicle safety and protection against external elements plague you. But our enhanced protection measures safeguard vehicles from potential damage. Whether through enclosed transport or meticulous handling, we prioritize your car’s safety, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

Connect with Our Experts for New York Car Shipping

Have questions or specific requirements for shipping your car to or from New York? Our dedicated team at Luxy Transport is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s understanding transport options, discussing timelines, or addressing concerns about vehicle safety, our knowledgeable professionals are ready to provide personalized guidance.

With years of experience and a commitment to exceptional service, our team ensures a smooth and stress-free car shipping experience tailored to your needs. We prioritize clear communication and offer expert advice to make your car shipping to or from New York seamless. Reach out to our team today to discuss your car shipping needs and let us help you navigate the process with ease.


The transit time for car shipping varies based on several factors such as distance, transport type, and seasonal demands. Factors like weather conditions or specific routes can also impact delivery times.

It is generally recommended to transport the vehicle empty. In case of any emergency, you should ask the team before. Carriers aren’t typically insured for personal belongings inside the car and added weight could impact the vehicle’s handling during transport.

Open transport exposes the vehicle to the elements but is cost-effective and widely used. Enclosed transport provides more protection against weather and road debris, ideal for high-value or classic cars, but tends to be pricier due to limited space and increased security.

Ensure your vehicle is clean and conduct a thorough inspection for existing damage. Remove personal belongings, disable the alarm system, secure loose parts, and ensure the gas tank is around a quarter full. Following these steps helps prevent damage and ensures a smoother shipping process.

Reputable car shipping companies like Luxy Transport provide insurance coverage for vehicles during transit. Before shipping, clarify the insurance coverage details and inquire about additional insurance options if needed for higher-value vehicles.

Only a few car shipping companies, including Luxy Transport, offer GPS tracking services. This facility allows customers to monitor their vehicle’s journey in real-time, providing peace of mind and transparency throughout the shipping process.

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