Car Shipping Services FAQs

If it’s your first time having your vehicle transported, you likely have some questions about the process and its benefits. Find the answers to the commonly asked questions below.

In most cases, yes. However, it can be challenging for you. It also depends on the mileage between your origin and destination.

Imagine you live in the far west end of the U.S and plan to move to the far east. You might need to drive nearly 3,000 miles to get to your destination. On the way, you would have to pay for food and accommodations.

During your trip, you might not be able to work. Meanwhile, your vehicle is accumulating wear and tear from long-distance driving. The wages you could have earned and the increase in maintenance costs offset some of the savings you make by driving.

It would be easier, faster, and possibly cheaper to have your vehicle transported than to take a plane to your destination.

There’s no constant rate for the cost of transporting a vehicle. On average, it’s $2 per mile for moves of up to 200 miles. For moves exceeding 1,500 miles, it’s typically $0.58 per mile, so the greater the distance, the more value you get out of a transport service.

The cost of transporting your vehicle depends on:

  • Mileage between origin and destination
  • The type of vehicle you have
  • The vehicle carrier you choose
  • The carrier option you choose

You’ll get an accurate price quote once your transport specialist has all the necessary information.

Not necessarily. However, it would become more difficult to arrange for your preferred carrier and transport option if you don’t. We recommend that you contact us 2 to 3 weeks in advance.
Yes. They should be in the trunk or back seat and shouldn’t be higher than the window line. The weight limit for personal items depends on the carrier, and they will likely charge more for the extra weight.

Keep in mind that these aren’t covered by insurance should they get damaged or stolen, so we don’t recommend doing this with valuable items.
Of course. However, a special auto carrier is needed to load and unload inoperable vehicles. There is an additional fee due to the equipment and extra work required to do this and secure your vehicle.
Yes, as the carriers will briefly drive your vehicle to load it onto and unload it from a truck. Leave it with a quarter of a tank. This gives the movers enough to work with while minimizing the weight.

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