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Do you need to get your vehicle to or from Hawaii? Use Luxy Transport’s Hawaii vehicle shipping services to ensure your car is transported safely and in a timely manner. No hidden fees and no credit card required to book your shipment with us. Our Hawaii transport services will ensure a seamless and stress-free experience as we handle everything on your behalf from start to finish!

A transportation specialist will find the right carrier for you. You’ll get high-quality shipping services at the best prices available. Get a free quote by clicking below and filling out our form.

Advantages of Hawaii Vehicle Shipping Services

Cargo ships regularly travel to and from Hawaii. Take advantage of their weekly schedule with expert help from one of our auto transport specialists. Whether you need auto transport from Hawaii or to ship a car to the island, we can help you find the most convenient options. Our experts will identify the best Hawaii car shipping solutions to minimize transit time so you can stay on schedule! They’ll help you make the necessary arrangements to complete your shipment as soon as possible.

In addition to allowing you to move your vehicle to and from Hawaii and between islands, you can also transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. Cargo ships can hold thousands of cars at a time, so there’ll be no problem reserving a spot for yours. As one of the top car shipping companies in the United States, we have strong industry partnerships to help you ship your vehicles anywhere in the country. We can arrange for multiple vehicles to be shipped at the same time, ensuring convenience and cost savings!

You may still need to drive your vehicle over a long distance to a port if you’re shipping it to Hawaii. Let us handle it for you to avoid wear and tear on your car. We’ll move it across the country and make arrangements with a suitable cargo ship. Our vehicle transporters will pick up your vehicle from the doorstep and take it to the port. We have a variety of options to safeguard and seamlessly transport your car. With us, you will never have to worry about damaging your vehicle!

Finding the right auto transport company in Hawaii can be challenging. But finalizing Hawaii auto transport need not be expensive or stressful! At Luxy Transport, we prioritize your convenience at every stage so you can have a hassle-free experience that fits your needs. We can help you find economical options to ship your car! Have one of our transport specialists do the work for you. They’ll listen to your needs and get the most reliable carrier providing the best prices, so you’re sure to stay within budget when possible.

Ship Your Car to Hawaii Stress-Free

Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle in a different state or moving, driving it to where you need it can be stressful and costly. Avoid the hassle with Luxy Transport’s long-distance vehicle shipping services. With us, shipping a car to Hawaii is now easier than ever before. Simply fill out our contact form to get a quick cost estimate and initiate the process!

We help vehicle owners get their property to and from anywhere in the United States. An experienced transport specialist will listen to your needs and find a suitable carrier for your vehicle within 72 hours. Choose from our available options:

Open Vehicle
This is your fastest, most affordable option for transporting your vehicle.
Transport your car within an enclosed carrier for extra safety.
cargo ship
Ship your vehicle across the country and straight to your new home or office.

Seasonal Relocation Transport

Have your vehicle sent to your seasonal residence.
Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

Get safe vehicle transportation for military personnel.

College Vehicle Transport

Take your car with you when you go to college with our transport service.
Big truck

Oversized Vehicle Transport

Quickly transport heavy vehicles like RVs, boats, and tractors.

Motorcycle Transport

Ship your motorcycle in a specialized crate to ensure its safety.
Dump Truck

Exclave Vehicle Transport

Transport your car directly to or from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.

Why Luxy Transport For Car Shipping To & From Hawaii

Personalized Service

There’s no hassle in shipping your vehicle when you choose Luxy Transport. Your transportation specialist will handle everything. Just tell them what you need, and they’ll find the best solution for you. Our customer service team is highly efficient, ensuring a seamless auto-shipping experience! They assess each customer’s unique requirements, providing personalized recommendations to meet their needs. They can answer all your queries about the available options, suitable carriers, and the cost to ship your vehicles to Hawaii so you can make an informed choice.

Highly Experienced

Get long-distance vehicle shipping services in Hawaii from some of the best transportation specialists in the industry. They’ll ensure your vehicle is completely safe during transit. Our experienced drivers ensure a smooth journey and on-time doorstep delivery, so you do not have to worry about anything! You can discuss your requirements with our agents and get the most suitable recommendation to transport your vehicle on time. Our team has in-depth knowledge about vehicle shipping in Hawaii, helping you get the best possible service!

Huge Carrier Network

Work with us to access a vast network of reliable carriers. You’ll have no shortage of options when you get auto transportation from us. At Luxy, we accommodate a wide range of vehicles with precision and care. Whether you want to transport your motorcycle or a classic car, we can arrange a suitable carrier to fulfill your request. We screen every carrier we work with, so you have nothing to worry about when you entrust a car to our care.

GPS Tracking

It can be nerve-racking to know that your car is in someone else’s hands. You’ll get GPS tracking of your shipment to maintain your peace of mind. As a result, you can get instant status updates and information about the location of your car. If you have any concerns while tracking your car, you can contact the team immediately to seek a resolution. We are committed to providing end-to-end support to our customers. Hence, our team is always available to resolve and follow up on your queries.

Enhanced Protection

Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced drivers guarantee the safety of your vehicle during the journey. They treat your vehicles with utmost care and precision to minimize the risks of damage. Our experts carefully handle every car to ensure your prized possessions reach their destination as safely as possible. As an added layer of safety, we are also fully bonded, insured, and licensed. Therefore, we can ensure enhanced protection for your vehicles that are being shipped to Hawaii!

Talk to Our Team For Hawaii Car Shipping

Let Luxy Transport handle all your Hawaii vehicle transportation needs. Fill out our online form to get a free quote. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with options.


Yes! Luxy Transport offers comprehensive Hawaii car shipping services. We can help you send cars from Hawaii to the mainland U.S. and vice versa. Our transport specialists can check the weekly schedules and arrange for your car to be transported to and from Hawaii whenever you need it!

Yes, we provide door-to-door auto transport services. Once you consult our transportation specialist and place your order, we can schedule a vehicle pickup. Our experienced carriers can visit the pick-up location and collect the vehicle. We recommend that you fill a quarter of the fuel tank to keep it ready for pickup so our drivers can drive it to the port.

We suggest that you contact us two to three weeks in advance for your Hawaii car shipping needs. This provides our team with ample time to check weekly schedules and arrange timely transportation for your vehicle. However, it is not compulsory to contact us early. Our specialists can help you find quick transport options if you are in a rush, and arrange for prompt shipping if the cargo schedules allow!

If you want to send your vehicles from the East Coast to the West Coast, Luxy Transport can come to your rescue. We provide cross-country auto transport services with coast-to-coast coverage. We can pick up your vehicle from the East Coast, ship it to the relevant port, and transport it to Hawaii. You can fill up our form to get an estimate of the costs and consult our transport specialist to know more!

If you want to send your personal items with your vehicle, you should ensure they are small enough to fit under the window line. However, generally, we suggest you avoid sending personal items through this method as the insurance does not cover them. Moreover, when you ship a vehicle to Hawaii, it goes through cargo shipping, making it harder to keep track of small personal items.

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