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Get extra protection for your car when transporting it over long distances with Luxy Transport’s enclosed auto carrier shipping service. This is your best option for classic and luxury.

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Safe, Hassle-Free Transportation

You want to preserve classic and luxury cars for as long as possible, so you don’t want to drive them all the way to a different state. Safely transport them with Luxy Transport’s enclosed vehicle transporter service.

Your vehicle will have extra protection against theft and harsh weather. You’ll extend its lifespan and avoid the hassle of driving it over long distances.

How it Works

Using our enclosed car transport service is simple. Just follow these steps:

One of our transport specialists  will quickly find a suitable carrier for your vehicle once you place an order. They can set everything up within just 72 hours or less, depending on your needs.

The carrier will come to load your vehicle onto a truck at a designated time. They’ll fill out a Bill of Lading and provide you with their contact information.

The carrier will inform you in advance when they are almost at your vehicle’s drop-off location. Check the Bill of Lading when you come to pick it up and compare its information with your car’s condition to see if it sustained any damage.


The cost of your enclosed vehicle shipment depends on several factors. The three most important ones are the mileage, your vehicle’s make, and chosen carrier.

On average, a short move of up to 500 miles will cost around $700. A move of more than 1,500 miles will cost about $1,100.

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Enclosed Vehicle Transport Advantages

You’ll protect your vehicle from inclement weather, dust and dirt, and other potential hazards. Your investment will arrive at its destination as clean as it was when the carrier loaded it onto the truck.

Only enclosed car transporters can move vehicles with low ground clearance as they’re the only ones equipped with hydraulic lift gates. Depending on your vehicle’s make, this may be your only shipping option.

Driving to a different state could mean subjecting your vehicle to thousands of miles of wear and tear. Maximize its lifespan by having it shipped instead. You’ll keep it pristine and avoid higher maintenance costs.

Ship multiple vehicles at once with our enclosed auto transport services. Carriers can carry up to 7 cars. Just tell us about your needs, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Why Luxy Transport

Guarantee your vehicle’s safety with our enclosed car transport service.

Personalized Service

We have a team of highly experienced transportation specialists. They’ll listen to your needs, show you your best options, and find the carrier best suited for moving your vehicle.

Trusted Carrier Network

Get access to a vast network of reliable enclosed auto carriers by choosing us. We vetted each one to ensure you get only the best services available and guarantee your vehicle’s safety.

GPS Tracking

In addition to getting direct contact with your vehicle’s carrier, you’ll also be able to track it via GPS. Protect your car and your peace of mind by choosing Luxy Transport.

Experienced Classic and Luxury Car Haulers

Have us get in touch with suitable carriers for your classic, luxury, and collector cars. They’re highly experienced with these types of vehicles and will ensure they get to their destination safely.

Discuss Your Needs with Us

Tell our team about your needs, and we’ll find the right solution for you. Get a free enclosed vehicle shipping service quote by filling out our online contact form.

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