Delaware Car Transport

You have just bought a new car from across the states, but how do you get it home safely and efficiently? The answer is with our professional services for car shipping in Delaware. No need to spend days on the road or hours planning a trip across the states. With our car shipping company, you can get effortless and stress-free transportation tailored to your needs. 

Need an instant quote for a car transport service in the state of Delaware? Contact our crew of transport specialists today!

Benefits of Delaware Auto Transport

Whether you are new to Delaware and want to ship your vehicle across long distances, or need a car shipping service to deliver your vehicle as soon as possible, we know just the right routes along the East Coast and inside the state to make every move easier.

Stressed about driving your vehicle all the way up to Dover, Delaware, or someplace else? Instead of planning your car transport in Delaware, you can spend that time on something productive as we handle Delaware auto transport for you. 

Shipping vehicles also means exposing your beloved beast on wheels to adverse conditions on the road. Instead, you can choose our Delaware car transport service, and our car carriers can seamlessly transport your vehicle without any wear and tear. 

Want to move multiple vehicles at once, but don’t want to take multiple trips? Well, whether you choose an open carrier or enclosed trailer, we can book multiple spots on our carrier vehicles to move more than one vehicle at once.

Top-notch Auto Transport Services in Delaware

Moving your vehicle can be as hectic as moving your own home. Besides, complying with the regulations and adding miles to your car is a whole different story. Want to move your car across the United States, or just looking for auto transport services for shipping a car to Delaware? We have got you covered!

Opt for our Delaware auto transport services, and rest assured that your automobile’s big move is in safe hands. We prioritize reliability and punctuality and ensure timely pickup and delivery so that shipping vehicles can be a breeze for our clientele. Wondering what are our services for vehicle transport in Delaware? Well, here you go! 

Open Vehicle

Experience the convenience of transporting your vehicle securely and affordably with our open transport service.


Ensure maximum protection for your automobile on the road with our premium enclosed transport service.

cargo ship

Trust us to handle the logistics of transporting your oversized vehicles with precision and care.


Seasonal Relocation Transport

From the scorching heat to chilling snow, we offer seasonal relocation transport to suit your needs. 

Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Transport

Serving those who serve our nation, we provide reliable and efficient transport for military vehicles with utmost professionalism.


College Vehicle Transport

Let us take the stress out of moving to college with our specialized transport packages designed for students and their vehicles.

Why Choose Luxy Transport for Car Shipping in Delaware?

Customized Solutions

There’s no denying that no two transportation needs are alike. We offer personalized vehicle shipping solutions to meet and exceed your unique expectations, so you get nothing for transcendence.

Professional Crew

When you ship a car with Luxy Transport, rest assured about the professionals handling your vehicle because we have been doing it for ages. From loading and unloading to more, we can arrange everything without any hiccups. 

Competitive Pricing

No matter what you choose, from open to enclosed transport, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality of service. You get the best value for money with exceptional service and affordable rates. 

Want an Instant Quote?

Fill out our online inquiry form, or contact our customer service team today. When it comes to shipping vehicles, we have a unique approach for every move, and every shipping process as well as quote is different. Contact us today, or schedule a consultation, and get a free quote from our crew.

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