Top Reasons Why Your Auto Shipper Might be Delayed

Do you have any idea that auto transporters spend over five thousand miles of their time annually driving on the road? This figure is nearly equal to almost ten times the yearly mileage of any standard daily driver. So, when we say, auto shippers are driving pretty much all the time, we aren’t kidding. When your standard vehicle can encounter issues on the road, and you can fall behind your schedule while driving across long distances, so can your auto shipment. Yes, you can choose the top company for auto transport in Michiganand they provide you with nearly the accurate delivery time for your car shipment. However, in case of any delays, here’s why your auto shipment is late!

1.The Shipping Truck Breaks Down

Well, one of the most obvious and prevalent reasons why auto shippers are late is because their truck breaks down. Whether we are talking about an engine failure, trailer failure, mechanical failure, or something else breaking on the truck, shipping truck breakdowns are more frequent than you might think. While some brands use older fleets that are more susceptible to breakdowns, professionals use trailers and trucks in the latest models that are built within the last five years. How does it help well, newer trucks have to be built to more stringent guidelines, and they feature better technology and functionalities than older trucks, so the trucks don’t break down now and then. 

2.Inclement Weather

Nobody can control the weather, and when we say nobody, we are also talking about auto shippers. Let’s face it: Mother Nature is unrelenting and unforgiving, and auto shippers have to constantly contend with the natural elements. Although during the spring and fall in Michigan, the weather isn’t much of an issue, summers, and winters are extreme seasons that cause the most delays due to scorching heat or streets inundated with feet of snow. 

3.Inspections and Weigh Stations

According to the regulations, and basic driving standards, auto shippers can drive 11 hours a day, which makes up to an average of 500 miles per day. Once their hours are done, they have to wait for their time to reset and stop driving. When they face delays with any pickups or deliveries, that eats up their drive time. Besides they also have to deal with electronic time cards, and every time they stop at a weigh station, their logs are checked, and this takes time. 


When you drive your vehicle long enough, there’s no denying it might start to end up having some issues. From tire rotations to oil changes, brake services, and fluid top-offs- you probably already know the drill for challenges you might face on the road when you drive your vehicle for long enough. Auto shippers nearly have to deal with the same issues. They might get delays because they are driving massive automobiles almost ten times more than a regular vehicle. So, ten times the miles mean ten times the problems right? Well, thankfully it doesn’t have to be like that. You can always choose the professionals for car shipping in Michigan from Luxy Transport, and they can provide you with a nearly precise estimate of your delivery date, based on all the essential factors concerning the trailer, shipper safety and comfort, and a buffer, so you don’t keep waiting!

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