Factors that Affect Car Shipping Costs in California

California isn’t just known for its diverse landscapes and rich heritage; it’s also known for its automotive fervor. Did you know California reported the highest number of registered vehicles in 2019, with a total of 31,24,270 and the numbers have only soared after that? A lot of people own cars in California, and many of them also have to ship their cars from one place to another for their individual reasons. For instance, you have just bought a sleek new car from a dealership in Los Angeles, and you are eyeing the prospect of having it delivered to your doorstep in San Francisco. Do you drive it on your own? No, you look for reliable companies for car shipping in California.

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One of the most significant factors influencing car shipping costs is the distance between the initial and final delivery locations. California isn’t a small state, and when you are shipping your vehicle straight from one corner of the state to another, the shipping rates can vary. While longer distances mean higher costs due to more fuel consumption, driver compensation, and maintenance expenses, shorter distances tend to be affordable. 

2.Type of Vehicle

You probably had no idea about this, but the type of vehicle you are shipping also has a significant impact on the shipping cost. While larger and heavier vehicles consume more space on carriers, small automobiles don’t. Specialized vehicles, such as classic models, luxury cars, etc. may require extra care and handling while leading to higher shipping costs. So, before you get an estimate, discuss the size and weight of your vehicle to get a personalized quote. 

3.Shipping Method

Open transport, the go-to for many, is the budget-friendly option, but beware – it’s like driving with the windows down, exposing your vehicle to the elements and the wild dance of road debris. Fancy something more exclusive? Enclosed transport is your VIP ticket, cocooning your precious vehicle from external elements. While open transport is relatively less expensive, you can always go for closed transport if you want to safeguard your vehicle from the external factors of the highway. 

4.Time of the Year

The shipping season can also substantially impact the price of shipping. Always remember that the demand for shipping services tends to be higher during peak moving seasons, such as summer. So, you might have to pay extra. On the contrary, you can pay relatively lower prices during off-peak periods like winter for reduced demand. 

5.Fuel Prices

You probably already know that fuel prices directly impact transportation costs, and shipping prices are no exception. Fluctuations in fuel prices can lead to adjustments in the shipping rates so monitor the fuel price trends and time your car shipment accordingly to secure better rates. 


Before you take the wheel to find the best company for auto transport in California, understanding the factors that affect the cost is an essential pit stop. Whether you are moving within California, or shipping your vehicle across the country, try to understand the factors and choose a reliable company for affordable auto transport. Looking for professionals in the field? Reach out to our professionals at Luxy Transport today, and get a detailed cost breakdown and shipping estimate!

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