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7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Service

Vehicle transport services make up around 82% of total car transport methods in the U.S. It’s a cheap and safe way to get your car from A to B, across the country.

But how can you know you’re choosing the top one? Here, we’ll give you seven tips for choosing the best car shipping service. That way, you can be sure that you’ll have the best chance of having a service you can trust and will have your car shipped without any hassle.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. Research Online to Find the Best Car Shipping Service

There’s a vast array of information online today where you can find the best options across various industries. One of these is a car transport service.

Perform a Google search to find a vehicle shipping service that’s:

  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • The best in the business

There’s a multitude of sites where you can find recommendations on the service that’s right for you. Luxy Transport is one of them.

2. Ask for Recommendations

If a friend or family member has had a good experience, ask them for advice. They might be able to point you in the direction of a top car shipping service.

Check in with their experience, and advice, and discuss any companies that you’ve been searching to see if they know anything about them. Perhaps they’ve used them in the past or can point you in the right direction of a first-class transport service.

3. Speak With Vehicle Dealers

Perhaps you’re still left wondering about how to choose a car shipping service. Vehicle dealers can provide valuable recommendations that may serve you well in your search.

They can give valid details on shipping services with:

  • Low pricing
  • Speedy car transportation
  • Top-end conditioning

Bidding is part of the process, and a dealer can help you when it comes to finding the best way to out-bid others.

4. Find One That’s Licensed and Insured

At Luxy Transport, we make sure your vehicle’s kept secure while transporting it from one place to the next. We’ll ensure that no damage gets done to your car so that it makes its way in one piece.

But in the rare cases where damage occurs, we’re happy to inform you that we’re entirely:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured

If there does happen to be a crash, fire, or your car’s stolen, our insurance is here to cover you. You should also investigate whether your company has the right level of insurance and is licensed when carrying out your checks for shipping a car.

5. Choose One That’s Hassle-Free

If you’re buying a vehicle in a different area or state and need it moved, you’ll want to ensure it’s done free from stress. It should be an easy process and a good experience so that you’ll want to use the same company when requiring the service again in the future.

Driving it yourself, on the other hand, can cause you time, hassle, and cash that could otherwise be saved. Especially during the current economic climate, it’s a time when saving can:

  • Improve your state of mind
  • Keep you happy
  • Remove the tension

Pressure can easily be avoided when you choose a good vehicle shipping service. We can find you a carrier within just 72 hours – that’s all it takes with Luxy Transport! We offer the following:

  • Open vehicle transport
  • Closed vehicle transport
  • Cross-country vehicle transport
  • Seasonal relocation transport
  • College vehicle transport

In addition, we have more options available. Therefore, you’ll never be stuck with us, whatever your needs.

6. Look for Low Shipping Fees

Shipping prices can be costly when you choose the wrong company or one that might still be reputable but offers a price that’s too much for you to afford.

Our fast and efficient ordering system is one that will keep you in check while allowing you to save your dollars, which at this time of the year, and even beyond, is especially beneficial. 

We offer some of the lowest shipping fees in the industry, making us a smart move for your vehicle transportation.

7. Check for One That Transports Multiple Vehicles

Many companies offer only single-vehicle transportation. This isn’t ideal, especially if you need more cars shipped across the country.

But that’s where we come in – we offer a multiple-vehicle transport system. Here, we can have your cars or vehicles shipped all in one go, together so that you don’t have to worry about it being done separately. This saves you both precious hours, days, and even money.

If you go with a company where multi-shipping needs must be met, you’ll have to pay extra fees for each individual shipment from carriers. But you don’t need that – we’re here to give you the better option and one that’s more affordable for you!

Why Luxy Transport?

We’ve given many reasons why we’re the transport service for you. But in addition, here’s how else we can help you with how to ship a car, and what’s so good about our company:

  • We have a 4.6 out of 5-star rating review
  • Our reviews and testimonials show we care for our clients and always deliver beyond expectation

We’re indebted to ensuring our customers remain satisfied with our service and are given the best experience possible.

One of our customers described us as doing a “fantastic job from beginning to end” showing we over-produce the whole way through the car transport service.

The Best Car Shipping Service in the Business

Car transportation provides many benefits from which we’ve given you seven tips here for choosing the service that’s right for you. Now you know why our vehicle transport company is the best car shipping service in Hawaii, Alaska, and other areas of the U.S.

Are you ready to have your car shipped by a company with a high reputation for delivering multiple vehicles at a low cost? Then, we’re here for you. Request your quote today and we’ll be on our way to helping fulfill all of your car transportation needs at a top-quality service.

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