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7 Common Car Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that over 40 million Americans move each year?

Moving comes with a lot of stress, but it’s something that people can’t avoid. If you have to move soon, you are probably scrambling to get your belongings in order.

Are you asking yourself if you should drive your car, haul it, or hire a transporting service? If so, you should know that there are many benefits of working with a car shipping company. However, there are mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Keep reading to learn about car shipping mistakes you don’t want to make.

1. Not Researching a Company

One of the common car shipping mistakes that people make is not researching a company before hiring them. There are various auto transport businesses out there so research is an important step in the shipping process.

To research wisely, you’ll need to look for reliable auto transport companies that are well-known in the industry. These businesses have experience, positive customer reviews, customer service, and good prices.

Compile a list of different companies that fulfill this. Reach out to those businesses for quotes and compare the prices of each. Select the one that best fits your needs without going with the cheapest option.

2. Last Minute Booking

There are circumstances that may come up that require you to book a last-minute car shipping service, but it’s best to avoid doing this when you can. Booking right before the deadline won’t guarantee the best results.

When you request a service, it takes time to find a carrier for you. Shipping depends on the method of transportation and availability. The destination of your vehicle is based on the carrier’s availability as well.

For most companies, the time range varies from a day to a week. You might get lucky and find a quick carrier, but that isn’t always the case. Less popular routes won’t have as many carriers.

It’s recommended to book your service ahead of time, preferably 2-3 weeks prior to shipment. This will guarantee carrier availability and better your chances of receiving your vehicle on your preferred delivery date.

3. Not Having Vehicle Insurance

Even if you choose one of the best shipping company options, you need to have insurance for your vehicle. Most states require you to buy insurance when you register your car, but some people get away with not having it.

The business you choose to work with should also have the appropriate insurance for shipping a vehicle. This ensures that the company will cover unexpected damages during transit.

Don’t trust a company that doesn’t include vehicle insurance when you request services from them.

Once your vehicle is assigned to a carrier, ask for a copy of the insurance certificate. If their coverage isn’t significant, this is where your insurance will come in handy.

You can talk to your insurance provider or pay an additional fee with the shipping company for more coverage.

4. Not Preparing Your Car

Scheduling an appointment with a shipping company is the easy part. Preparing cars for shipping takes a bit more work.

Your vehicle needs to be prepared before a company can transport it. For example, you should have your car cleaned before shipping it anywhere.

Scratches or dents caused during auto transport are often missed because a dirty car masked it. Dust and other elements can hide minimal damage on the exterior of your car.

After receiving your car and signing car shipping documents, you’ll clean your car and notice the damage. By this time, it’ll be too late to claim anything for insurance.

You’ll also want to prepare your car by taking out personal belongings. Weight is a factor in cost so your personal belongings might make the shipping price higher.

Not only that but taking out personal belongings is the best way to protect them from loss during the shipping process.

Ask the company you hire what other tasks you should complete before giving them your car to ship. You might need to check the tires and fill up your gas tank to a certain level.

5. Paying Fees in Advance

Car shipping costs vary depending on a lot of factors. One thing that doesn’t vary when it comes to choosing a car shipping company is how they should receive payment.

What does this mean exactly? A reliable auto transport business won’t ask you to pay a part of the total cost in advance. Some will use this tactic to scam you for more money and tell you that they need the fee to find a carrier.

You should pay the entire shipping cost at once. Avoid paying for quotes or other fees that aren’t stated in a written agreement outlining the total shipping amount.

6. Incorrect or Missing Documents

Car companies will require that you present certain documents before moving your car. You need to prove the car is yours by showing your vehicle registration and certificate of insurance.

Avoid problems by ensuring your documents are in order and accurate.

A car shipping company will create its own document when they inspect your vehicle. Prior to shipping, they make note of any issues but you are responsible for making sure this report is accurate.

Be present for the inspection because once your car is delivered, you will need to complete another inspection. This allows you to make note of any damages that occurred in transit.

The driver must sign this document if you want to be able to claim something on the company’s insurance.

Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

If you are in a rush to transport your vehicle, you are likely to run into these common car shipping mistakes.

Take the time to research different companies, book in advance, and complete vehicle insurance requirements. Prepare your car for shipping and pay all costs at one time.

Keep your documents in order before and after your vehicle is delivered.

To avoid making these mistakes, hire a reputable service like Luxury Transport. Contact us today to receive an auto shipping quote.

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