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Top 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Shipping Services

With increasing demands for car shipping services, the car hauling industry – valued at 101.7 million globally – is growing rapidly. And what makes it even more attractive is the convenience it offers when looking to ship vehicles from one location to the other.

One good thing about car hauling services is that they allow you to transport several vehicles simultaneously. Whether you bought the car from an out-of-state dealership or want to move house, you can count on their help.

However, choosing car shipping services can be daunting if it’s your first time. With the rising cases of auto transport fraud, you have to find a trustable company. Here are 8 factors to get you started with the search:

1. Experience Levels

Auto transport companies differ in experience and quality of services offered. Once you approach a representative of the company, inquire about their history. Find out how long the carrier has been serving clients like you.

Don’t consider an auto transporter that is just starting. Even more, if the company has been operating for several years, it should have positive online customer reviews. The testimonials will be proof that the company can ship your car without causing any damage to it.

2. Car Shipping Costs

Shipping vehicles from one point to the other will cost some money. To budget for this service, you should understand the company’s billing methods.

The auto shipping costs will depend on the size and weight of the vehicle and the transportation distance. Auto transporters usually have quotes for different sizes and weights of vehicles. They also charge high fees if the shipping distance is longer.

Approach several different carriers for quotes when comparing shipping prices. The prices indicated in these quotes may depend on the cost of gas, time of the year, and shipping mode.

3. Shipping Timeline

While most carriers will promise a fast shipping process, not all live up to their promise. They may lack the systems to facilitate fast shipping and guarantee a great car shipping experience.

Consider a company that takes less time to transport vehicles if time is a priority to you. Large auto transporters can guarantee this kind of service since they have lots of trucks to handle the delivery.

Ask the carrier about their turnaround time in the initial consultation. Otherwise, you may have to wait longer for your vehicle to be delivered.

4. Carrier Options

Consider a carrier option that suits your vehicle to get the most out of the service. Also, take time to learn about the advantages and downsides of the company’s shipping modes.

Consider open carriers if you are looking for a cheaper mode of transport suited for most vehicles. The downside is that your car will be exposed to weather conditions on an open truck while being shipped to the desired location. With multi-carrier shipping, you can switch between carriers while comparing rates, transit times, and routes.

An enclosed carrier will be ideal if you want to transport a luxury or classic car. However, this service is quite more expensive compared to an open carrier. It also has safety equipment to protect your vehicle from falling debris and harsh weather.

5. Tracking

It’s common for shipments to arrive earlier or later than you expect. In this case, you should get a general picture of where your vehicle is when you have them shipped by a third party.

Tracking gives you a sense of the shipment’s location as it’s being ferried and delivery time. It also informs you of any delays when they happen. So it’s important to choose a carrier with the latest tracking systems to give you peace of mind in the shipping service.

Tracking systems let you know that a carrier is trustworthy and dependable. They also help reduce buyer remorse and anxiety in auto shipping.

6. Drivers’ Qualifications

You won’t necessarily speak to a truck driver when you reach out to an auto transport company. You will most likely talk to a customer support representative.

Be sure to ask about their drivers’ qualifications in that first interaction. Find out whether the truck drivers are equipped to handle your vehicle safely. Approach another carrier if the company fails to ascertain its drivers’ experience and skills.

The truck drivers must have a certified CDL (commercial driver’s license). They should also be reliable and trained in time management and stress management.

7. License and Insurance

Ask the auto shipping company to present proof of insurance and their license before considering them. Depending on the state where they are operating, car haulers need a vehicle transporter license. A licensed car shipping service is permitted by the state government to serve clients.

Auto transporters also need liability insurance, a requirement by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The insurance cover only applies to carriers that physically ship cars instead of brokers. With liability insurance, you can be assured of protection if your vehicle gets lost or damaged while in transit.

8. Steps Taken to Prevent and Respond to Damages

Before agreeing to the terms of the vehicle transporter, find out how they can prevent your car from getting damaged. Only work with a carrier that takes necessary precautions to keep your car safe.

Ask whether they limit the number of shipments at a time or how they position cars on trucks to prevent damage. The company should also confirm if they ask drivers to inspect the trucks for defects.

The car shipping company should also inform you how they respond to damages. Do they make repairs on vehicles or blame you for having a faulty car? Also, learn about how the company solved damage claims from previous customers.

Do You Consider Choosing Car Shipping Services?

Driving your vehicle across the state or country can be time-consuming and stressful. If you leave the task to car shipping services, you’ll have time to handle other important issues. You also get to choose a convenient mode of transportation to ensure that the vehicle arrives safely.

Turn to Luxy Transport if you want to ship your vehicle across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our representatives will give you a reasonable quote, schedule a convenient shipping date, and facilitate the shipping.

Choosing car shipping services like ours gives you the peace of mind you need. Get an auto shipping quote today by filling out our contact form.

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