Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Behind Closed Doors: The Security Measures of Enclosed Auto Transport

When you have to ship your precious car across long distances, you might think no carrier alternative is safe enough. The thought of your expensive automobile traveling alone on the streets might be overwhelming, but let us tell you with enclosed auto transport services, your vehicle is safe on the road. Unlike open trailers, enclosed carriers offer a higher level of security for your high-end vehicles during transit. Especially when you have classic cars, luxury vehicles, or state-of-the-art sports cars, enclosed transport is probably the only mode of transport to ship your automobile. Wondering what are the security measures in enclosed transport that make it so safe? Delve in to find out!

Specialized trailers with four layers of security

Unlike open-air transport where there is just a trailer, enclosed car transport services stand out due to the use of specialized trailers with doors. Your car is securely placed in the trailer with appropriate mechanisms to keep it in place while four walls around the door shield your vehicle from external elements and potential threats. Constructed with rock-solid materials, the carriers are fully enclosed with solid sides and roofs to safeguard your vehicle from unpredictable weather conditions, road debris, and prying eyes.

Climate Control Systems

Another advantage of enclosed auto transport services is the inclusion of climate control systems within the trailers. These systems maintain a controlled environment, preventing exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity levels, and this feature is excellent for classic and luxury cars to safeguard them against any potential damage that can occur due to adverse weather conditions.

Secure Loading and Unloading

With enclosed auto transport services, loading and unloading vehicles into the trailer is also seamless. Trained professionals can handle the task with utmost care and using specialized equipment, such as ramps and hydraulic lift gates. Every possible precaution is taken to prevent any accidental damage during the critical transport phase.

Vehicle Securing Techniques

Enclosed vehicle transport services also include securing techniques to ensure that your vehicle remains stationary throughout the journey. Professionals use soft straps, wheel nets as well and other robust fastening methods to immobilize the vehicle inside the trailer and prevent any movement, hence reducing the risk of damage.

Surveillance and Tracking

Many enclosed auto transport companies also invest in advanced surveillance and tracking systems. These technologies allow real-time monitoring of the vehicles in transit. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as an accident or theft attempt, the authorities can be alerted promptly.


There’s no denying the fact that enclosed auto transport services are the safest for vehicles; however, you need to choose the right transport company. Instead of DIYing your big vehicle move, you can always trust the professionals to handle your car shipping for you. Ensure the car shipping company has an unscathed industry reputation and offers insurance for its transportation methods. Need more information or looking for an enclosed auto transport company to ship your car across long distances? Drop us a line at Luxy Transport today!

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