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6 Important Questions to Ask an Auto Transport Company

Do you need your car shipped?

Studies show that 77% of drivers will experience a car accident in their lifetime. That is why it is much safer to hire a car shipping company for long transport.

Shipping a car with a reputable company ensures your vehicle arrives in excellent condition. When it comes to choosing an auto transport company, there are several things you need to bring up. Here are the six questions to ask yourself before hiring an auto transport company.

1. Are You an Auto-Transport Company, a Carrier, or a Broker?

Here is a brief explanation of what each phrase refers to and why it matters. Brokers help their clients choose carriers and schedule shipments. Carriers have trucks that also carry and deliver the vehicles. This gives shipping priority.

A car transport service acts as a single point of contact when it comes to serving customers. This begins from your initial quote to your auto’s safe delivery. An auto transport management business will be able to address issues faster.

Ensuring you are talking to an auto transport company helps avoid scams.

Check to see whether the firm has all the required permits. Make sure you are working with a reputable company. Any business that transports vehicles must register with the US. They must register with the US Transportation Department.

You can ask the company’s representative for their DOT#. The DOT number will help you verify that they have a license for shipping a vehicle. You can also use this information to see safety reports and other things.

2. What Car Transport Services Do You Offer?

This seems like a silly question at first. An auto transport business can transport cars and trucks, right? But here’s the thing: Customers can access a wide range of auto transport options.

Some businesses only use open-air trailer transportation. Others auto transport companies might also provide enclosed trailer shipments. In addition, there are options for delivering both single and many vehicles.

Is it necessary to freight an accident-damaged car? Some businesses only operate with operational vehicles. Other companies are ready to ship non-operational cars.

3. Can I Get a Free Quote?

An honest auto transporter should be upfront about the pricing of their services. You must speak with the auto shipping business directly to get a quote. This is because car transport costs vary based on the circumstances.

The majority of auto transport businesses provide free car shipping quotes. This can be found through their website and have its own page to get a quote or something similar. If they don’t, this can be a major warning sign and a cue to look somewhere else.

Why wouldn’t a business want to provide a free quote to a potential client? There should be zero personal information required on your online quote form. A car shipping quotation should be obligation-free and take a few seconds.

If an auto shipping firm requests a deposit to provide you with an estimate, look elsewhere. A quote should not be contingent on a commitment of any type. As mentioned, many businesses now offer online estimators that are free of charge.

You can get a more precise quotation by speaking with a professional. This is because you might have specific instructions that might add extra costs.

4. Is This Price Inclusive of All Extra Costs?

Asking if the price is inclusive of all costs with no hidden fees is very important. There is nothing worse than unanticipated charges. Ask the auto shipping business for a list of everything the quotation includes.

To save yourself the hassle, find out in advance whether there will be any extra expenses. Make sure you have read and comprehended the contract before you sign it. Verify that the costs correspond to what you agreed to.

Make sure to find out about any extra fees or penalties as soon as possible. Before making a reservation, make sure the quote represents the full price you will pay. You can specify that you want to know about any charges, fees, or extra fees.

Make sure to ask them what might not get covered by the quote. Request an itemized list of what the quoted price includes. If you end up paying extra, you can compare your invoice to the itemized agreement.

5. What Restrictions Do You Have as A Car Shipping Company?

These limitations may cover the make and model of the vehicle. Also, take note of the distance it will get shipped and your drop-off and pickup locations. They may also have limits on the shipping method you’ve chosen and handling requests.

Whether the vehicle runs, demand should get taken into account. An automobile will often cost more to carry in an enclosed trailer than it will travel on an open carrier. You might pay more to ship a car across state lines than you would to ship it within state lines.

Most consumers won’t have any trouble locating an auto transport firm. But, the shipping company may require specific equipment to export a valuable vehicle.

Valuable cars include race cars or antique cars. This also includes enormous, modified, or totaled cars due to an accident. Note this if your car has any peculiar characteristics.

Make sure to inquire about the company’s ability to handle it before making a reservation. This is because not all car shippers have specialized towing and loading equipment.

6. Do You Have Insurance For Transporting a Car?

When transferring a car, insurance is essential. You should inquire what is and is not covered and included. You want to make sure that you get protected by insurance while your car is being transported.

This could be a big deal breaker if a vehicle transporter does not provide coverage.

Hire an Auto Transport Company Today

Shipping a car is easy, but only if you work with the right auto transport company. Here are some things to ask before you commit to a shipping company.

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