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What Is Open Vehicle Transport?

Do you need to transport your vehicle across the city or the country but aren’t sure what option is best for you? Have you heard about open transport and enclosed transport, but do you have no idea what the main difference between the two is?

No one likes to drive their vehicle to their new destination, especially if it is far and you don’t have to. Reputable auto transport companies can take care of that burden on your behalf. Continue reading below to learn more about your auto transport options, how much it will cost to move your vehicle, and who you can reach out to for more information!

What Is Open Transport?

Open transport, also known as open vehicle transport, is one of the two main methods of auto vehicle shipping. With open transport, the vehicle is transported on an open trailer with other vehicles.

Have you seen those new vehicles being delivered to auto dealerships? They are usually towed on a trailer with no walls but open to the elements.

Advantages of Open Transport

Several excellent benefits come with using open-air transport. For example, this option is more affordable than the enclosed car shipping option. Most customers prefer to use open air transport because it is significantly less than the other available option.

Faster Option

Because most customers prefer the open air transport option, it is in more demand. Because they are in more demand, more drivers and companies offer this service, allowing you to hire them and have them available year-round.

Disadvantages of Open Transport

One of the most significant disadvantages of open transport is the fact that the car is open and exposed to the elements. This typically isn’t an issue, but it can be if your vehicle is transported during a storm or through harsh weather.

Your car may be open to rocks, dust, and insects. Those who need luxury or classic vehicles transported typically opt for enclosed transport to ensure that there are no damages or dirt accumulated on the car during transit.

Enclosed Car Shipping

As mentioned earlier, enclosed car shipping is the other available auto transport option. With this option, your vehicle is inside a container. The transport company will tie your vehicle inside the container to ensure that it does not move around during transport.

Benefits of Enclosed Car Shipping

One of the most significant benefits of using this car shipping method is keeping your vehicle safe from rain, dirt, hail, or other conditions on the road. You won’t have to worry about your vehicle arriving dirty or with any random scratches from transport.

Disadvantages of Enclosed Car Shipping

The main disadvantage of using enclosed car shipping is the cost. Because this option provides you with more protection than the open transport option, it costs a bit more than the other option.


Enclosed car shipping options are available but aren’t as available as their open transport option. More people demand the other option instead of enclosed transport, further driving up the cost of enclosed transport options.

How to Price to Ship a Car?

There are several factors your auto transport company considers when generating a quote for your car shipping needs. For example, the size of your vehicle plays a role in the cost of your quote.

The bigger the car, the more expensive it will cost. This is because if your vehicle is large, like an SUV or a truck, your vehicle takes up more space on the trailer. If your vehicle is smaller, the transporter is able to carry more vehicles with them.

Enclosed vs. Open Transport

As mentioned throughout this article, these two main shipping options vary in cost. A typically open transport will cost about $1,070, whereas a closed transport may cost $1,500 or more.

Of course, there are other variables considered, such as the size of your vehicle and the miles traveled. For the sake of the example, open-air will cost less than enclosed transport would.


As a general rule of thumb, the further you travel, the more it will cost. Depending on who you partner with, you may have to pay about $1.20 a mile.

As the mileage increases, the cost per mile may lower. The best way to determine how much your transport will cost is to request a quote from the company directly for more information.


Most auto transport companies carry insurance over their cargo. This means if any damages are caused to your vehicle, they may be able to pay for those damages.

Of course, there are some exclusions the policy may have that you may not be aware of. To ensure that your vehicle has coverage during its transit, you should speak with your auto transporter to see if they offer additional insurance you can purchase. You can also reach out to your personal auto insurance company to see if there is any available coverage.

Best Open Vehicle Transport

Transporting your vehicle to its new destination shouldn’t be complicated, regardless of whether you choose open transport or enclosed transport. There are several different companies that offer you the option to transport your vehicle, but you want to make sure you work with a company with experience.

If you are ready to move your car to a new destination and want to find out how much you can save, contact us for a free quote. Our team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the transport process.

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