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Why Choose Auto Transport Company Instead of Driving

Many people choose special vehicle delivery services instead of driving on their own. The estimated value of US Vehicle Shipping Services reached up to  $10.8 billion in 2022, with an expected growth of 3,4% by the end of the year.

This is because using car transport services is cheaper, safer, and faster than driving your car yourself, especially over long distances.

Many life situations will make you book a car transport service. Whether you are moving to another city or are buying a new car from a different state, you want the best experience from a leading auto transport company.

How to find a quality and reliable vehicle shipping service? Keep reading and learn why auto shipping is a better option than driving.

Reasons to Hire a Vehicle Shipping Company

A cross-country car transport service offers far more benefits than downsides compared to driving. The most important reason, by far, is safety.

Statistics show that over 38,000 people died in car accidents in 2020, and a high percentage of car crashes occur due to drowsy driving. These numbers raise a red flag for driving long distances alone.

Below are the benefits of hiring a professional shipping company.

Save Time and Effort

The main reason people decide on car delivery instead of driving is the time and effort required. Transporting your vehicle over long distances requires a few days to a week, detailed planning, and extra costs.

Not everyone can take three days off in the middle of a working week to move their car. Additionally, it can be extremely stressful. Luckily, you can hire a professional to organize your vehicle shipment with a simple call.

Multi-Service Benefits

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Another great advantage of car shipping companies is the possibility of transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously. A professional car transport agency will deliver your cars intact to the desired location, nationally and sometimes even internationally.

Additionally, car shipping companies have amazing tracking capabilities to reduce your worries while your vehicle is being transported.

D2D Delivery Service

Some companies offer the amazing benefit of delivering the vehicles right to your door. Drivers will unload your car at the provided address or at the nearest location. This saves a lot of effort and extra arrangement strategies. Plus, this way, you can be sure that you deliver your car to a safe location.


In most cases, hiring a vehicle shipping service is more economical than driving. Long-distance driving can cost a real fortune with all the fuel, accommodation, and food costs. Cross-country service companies, however, are affordable with their service and superbly efficient in getting the job done. You can also get a discount if shipping multiple vehicles.

Avoid Wear and Tear

Driving your car over long distances adds additional mileage to your odometer. This also includes the risk of engine or tire issues. Thankfully, auto shipping companies keep you safe from this kind of accident and prolong your car`s shelf-life.

Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

A quality vehicle shipping service needs to meet several basic criteria. Here are the key points you need to keep in mind when choosing your car delivery service.

  • License and Insurance – A vehicle transportation company must have a proper license and safety policy. This is the first thing you need to search for when you open an online store. Look for a whole package of security and in-bound policies to keep your car safe.
  • Affordable Service Fees  – Finding a quality auto transport company that won`t break the bank can be done, but it requires shuffling between various options first. With so many choices on the market, it is difficult to choose the right option. Do a little online research and check on the reviews to choose a team of professionals to do the job.
  • USA Transportation and Abroad – Some transportation companies provide services across the entire USA and some exclaves, including Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean region. The company`s agent will guide you through the weekly timetables of all needed locations.

Here are some extra tips for when you transport your vehicle:

  • Carefully examine your car both inside and outside and take a picture of each angle. Repeat the procedure before and after the transportation. This will be useful for filling the lading bill.
  • Beware that larger vehicles come with higher shipping costs.
  • The farther the destination, the greater the price will be.
  • You will pay some extra costs for an emergency delivery.

Choose the Best Auto Transport Company

With so many transport options available today, why bother and waste so much time when someone else can do the things for you? Luxy Transport has years of experience in successful vehicle transportation, including cross-country car transport services. Here you will find fast and stress-free services with high safety and low fees. All you need to do is get a quote from our website to have your transportation needs met – start to finish! 

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