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When Does It Make Sense to Ship Your Car?

You’re going somewhere far across the country. You’re going to need to have your vehicle with you. But you’re wondering: should you drive it to the new location yourself or should you have it shipped?

There are several situations in which it’s better to ship your car than it is to drive it yourself. We’re going to discuss those situations in detail below, helping you make the right decision about the transport of your automobile. 

When You Have to Go Extremely Far in a Short Amount of Time

Let’s say that you live in North Carolina. Your brother lives in Oregon. Suddenly, you find that your brother is having surgery done and will need your assistance around the house for the next few months. 

Because of this, you need to get across the country in just a day. Unfortunately, your vehicle isn’t capable of doing this for you. You’re going to need to take a plane. 

That being said, you will need your vehicle later on. This is when shipping your vehicle is wise; when you have to go an extremely far distance in just a short amount of time. 

A plane will get you there initially. Vehicle shipping services will ensure that your car gets there a few days later. 

When You’re Moving Into a New Home

Another situation in which auto shipping might be wise is when you’re moving into a new home. This is particularly true in situations where you’re moving across the country

After all, moving into a new home is extremely stressful. Having to drive your vehicle all the way there by yourself just adds to this stress. 

It’s easier to pack your belongings into a moving truck and load your vehicles onto transport trailers. Then, you can just board a plane to your new location. You’ll meet all of your possessions at the new home within a few days of landing.

When You’re Snowbirding

Snowbirding refers to the idea of moving south during the winter months so as to avoid harsh temperatures in the north. It’s popular amongst retirees and generally involves moving to hot weather states like Florida. 

Most snowbirds stay put for long periods of time. However, they always eventually come back to their original homes. Because of this, they need regular transportation in both locations. 

There are two ways that snowbirds can give themselves this transportation: 1. They can buy vehicles for both homes or 2. They can transport their vehicles back and forth. 

If you opt for choice 2, you’re likely going to ship your vehicle through a car transport service. This is because driving back and forth several times a year (especially when you are over the age of 70) can be grueling. It’s better to take a plane and have your vehicle shipped separately from you. 

When You Have More Cars to Transport Than What You Can Drive Yourself 

Maybe you’re moving into a new home? Perhaps you’re going down south for the winter? In any case, you want to bring all your vehicles with you; not just your typical vehicle but your leisure vehicles as well. 

The easiest way to do this is to load them onto a shipping trailer. Speak with freight brokers. They’ll set up auto transport services, allowing you to ship at least some of your vehicles to your destination of choice. 

You could still drive to your destination in your standard vehicle. On the other hand, you could also ship it while just taking a plane ride to the destination instead. 

When You’re Transporting a Classic Car

Maybe you collect classic cars? While these may look great, they don’t always perform to the standard that modern cars do. Some, for example, can have trouble driving across the country. 

This is why, if you’re looking to transport a classic car to a far-away location, you need to consider car shipping services. Not only will these services take the strain off the classic car’s internal components, but they’ll also ensure that the car isn’t damaged during transit. 

When Your Child Is Going Away to College

Let’s say you live in California. Your child is going away to college in Ohio. Instead of buying a new car for your child in Ohio, you want to send their existing car to Buckeye State instead. 

Sure, you could drive it all the way across the country and then catch a ride back to California with another driver. However, you’d probably rather spend that last drive with your child. 

So, what can you do to get around the problem? You can have your child’s car shipped from California to Ohio. Then, you, your child, and whoever else can either drive together to Ohio or take a plane there instead. 

When You Buy a Car That’s Out of State

The last of many reasons to ship a car is to purchase a car out of state. Instead of forcing yourself to drive across the country and pick up the vehicle yourself, you can simply have an auto transport service ship the vehicle to you. 

This saves you from having to find another driver. It also saves you a great deal of time and effort. 

Looking to Ship Your Car?

What do you think? Are you in a situation in which it would be wise to ship your car? If so, and if you’re looking for auto transport services, look no further than Luxy Transport. 

We provide a range of car shipping services, from open vehicle transport to enclosed vehicle transport and more. Regardless of your needs, our seasoned team can assist you. 

Contact us now to request a quote! 

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