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What You Don’t Know About Shipping a Car to Hawaii

Hawaii tends to get new residents at an annual rate that fluctuates between 40,000 and 60,000 yearly. It may seem surprising at first that more citizens aren’t flocking to this tropical paradise, but considering how far it is from the mainland, it makes a little more sense.

How can you get all of your belongings to a state that’s overseas? What do you do about your car when you can’t drive to your new state?

We’re here to talk about one of the most pressing issues people face when moving off the mainland: shipping a car to Hawaii.

Read on as we talk about what most people don’t know about shipping a car to Hawaii.

Are All Cars Allowed in Hawaii?

First thing first: is your car legal in Hawaii? While there are no notable limitations on makes and models, there are limitations on the types of modifications your car can have.

For example, you will need to be mindful of how loud your car is. You cannot install a stereo system that would make your radio audible from 30 feet away. You also cannot make modifications to your muffler that amplifies the sound of your engine. 

If you have an antique or modified car, take some time to go over Hawaii’s permissible car laws to ensure that your car passes the test.

What Paperwork Will You Need for Hawaii Car Shipping?

What kind of paperwork is required to ship your car to Hawaii? Fortunately, if you’re moving to Hawaii from the mainland, the paperwork process is fairly straightforward. All you will need is:

  • the current title
  • the current registration
  • notarized letters of authorization from any parties listed on the title that aren’t present, ie the lien holder or a spouse

When you work with a car shipping service, the paperwork process is even easier to navigate. All you will need to do is provide your car transportation service with the above documents and they will ensure that those documents make it to the proper recipients. 

How Do You Find a Service That Will Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

The actual process of moving a car to Hawaii requires multiple steps. First, you will need to get the car to a port that ships to and fro Hawaii. Then, you will need to secure a spot for your car on a cargo ship departing from that port.

When you work with a car shipping service, you don’t need to worry about these individual steps. How can you find the right car shipping service for your Hawaii move?

Not all car shipping services handle moves to or from Hawaii. Make sure that they do before moving forward. Then, take a look at the different packages they offer to ensure that you can get the specific car shipping services you desire, ie open vs enclosed shipping.

Luxy Transport offers Hawaii car shipping services for car owners anywhere in the United States. We work hard to find the right services and carriers for your needs and requirements within 72 hours of getting in contact with you.

How Can You Prepare Your Car for the Car Shipping Process?

Once you have scheduled your auto transport service, what do you need to do to prepare your car? Make sure to complete the following steps:

  • clean the inside and outside of your car, inspect the condition, and document any existing damage
  • inflate the tires, top up all fluids, and ensure that the battery has a full charge
  • secure or remove any removable parts, ie custom stereos and GPS systems
  • deactivate parking passes and toll tags as well as your car alarm
  • run down the gas tank so that it is no more than a quarter full

This may sound like an extensive list, but completing it will ensure that your car is ready for transportation and will get through the journey safely. It will also ensure that you can note any damage that occurs during transportation, though this is unlikely to occur.

How Long Does Shipping a Car to Hawaii Take?

The only way to get a true estimate of how long it will take to ship your car to Hawaii is to schedule your services. The journey across the ocean can take anywhere between one and three weeks, depending on the port your car departs from, the time of year you’re moving, and more. 

Plus, you will also need to factor in the time it will take to get your car to the port. Your auto transport service will take care of this leg, too, and it can take anywhere between 24 hours and a week. 

How Much Does Shipping a Car to Hawaii Cost?

Once again, the only way to get a true estimate here is to schedule your services. Things like distance and time of year can impact the cost of shipping your car to Hawaii. The services you choose will also make an impact.

For example, enclosed vehicle transportation offers more protection for your car and tends to cost between 30-40% more than open vehicle transportation. 

When Do You Need to Register Your Car in Hawaii?

Once your car has arrived safe and sound in Hawaii, when do you need to register it? You have 30 days to bring the following documents to the Hawaii Department of Transportation:

  • a completed application for car registration
  • the most recent out-of-state certificate of registration
  • the out-of-state title
  • bill of shipping receipt
  • manufacturer information about the vehicle’s weight
  • registration fees
  • a tax certification form for motor vehicle use

Keep in mind that you may require additional documents depending on the county you are living in.

Contact Luxy Transport to Schedule Your Hawaii Car Shipping

If you’re getting ready to leave the mainland and taking a car with you, it’s important to find the best services that can handle shipping a car to Hawaii. Luxy Transport is here to take care of your car shipping needs.

To get started, request a free quote. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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