Car Shipping Guide

Car Shipping Guide

We exist in a globally interconnected world, and the shipment of cars is yet another facet of our consistent networking as human beings. Car shipping is one of those markets expected to grow continuously, with a projected number of over 76 million cars shipped worldwide by 2023.

You might need open car shipping for many reasons, from moving across state lines to going to a car show out of state. If you do, it’s good to know the most important steps in car shipping. Below, we’ve curated a guide just for this.

Prepare the Documents

The first step when shipping a car, for any reason, is to prepare all the necessary documents about the car. That includes copies of the following:

  • A valid ID, like a driver’s license or passport
  • Registration
  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of insurance
  • A car title

Car shipment companies require all these documents to confirm that you have full legal ownership over the transported car. It’s best to prepare these documents early and prevent any issues from arising when the shipment is completed.

If you want to ship out of the country, consult long-distance vehicle shipping services for all the additional paperwork you will need to provide.

Do Your Research

Your car isn’t some inconsequential object that can be easily replaced, so you should always do extensive research before you select a particular shipping company. Many of these car shipping companies offer the same services; however, the choice you make still matters.

So, look into the company you’re considering hiring. Explore their website and customer comments and reviews. Speak to acquaintances that have used their services, and look it up with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Once you’re certain that the company you’ve chosen is safe, reliable, and professional, you can proceed with the shipment.

Choose Between Open and Enclosed Transport

Choose Between Open and Enclosed Transport

When choosing the transport for your car, this is the most important decision you will make. Both open and enclosed vehicle transports have advantages and disadvantages, and it will ultimately come down to your own personal preference. 

Open Vehicle Transport

Open car shipment is definitely the more popular option of the two. First of all, it’s the most affordable car transport option there is. Due to the fact that between 7 and 10 cars are being transported at the same time, your individual costs are lower. Because open vehicle transport is more popular, many carriers offer it as a service, making it more accessible and available. 

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

This is a more secure car shipment option, because your car will be transported in a trailer, meaning it will be protected from road debris and inclement weather. An additional perk is that this method will help your car fly under the radar due to the lowkey appearance of the trailer, which will dissuade potential thieves.

However, all the safety and security that this shipment method offers comes with a price. Enclosed vehicle transport is the most expensive type and is not as easily available as open vehicle transport.

Ascertain the Location, Destination, and Time

When arranging a car shipment service for your vehicle, it is important to determine the pick-up and delivery locations, as well as the time and schedule.

The pick-up location depends on different circumstances, like the available space on your street, the shipping service’s protocol for picking up cars, and the availability of concierge services. If your street isn’t wide enough, you might have to drive the car to a more expansive space like a parking lot.

On the other hand, if the car shipping service you selected has a predetermined protocol for car-pick up, you might be required to drop the car off at one of their lots. Finally, you should inquire about a concierge service and the additional charges. 

Once the time and location of the pick-up and the delivery have been determined, you will get an estimate of the time of delivery. Because car shipment companies have to deal with traffic, inclement weather, and the authorities, no car shipping service can give you an exact delivery time. However, a professional company will strive to stay in the estimated period.

Luxy Transport Offers Secure Vehicle Shipping Services

Whether you’re interested in open car shipping or enclosed shipping, you want to ensure your car is secure and protected. For that, you need to choose only the best long-distance vehicle shipping services

And that is where Luxy Transport comes in. We are one of the best auto transport companies in the US, offering cross-country, enclosed, and open vehicle transport throughout the US.

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