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The Different Types of Transport Services Available

Whether you’re selling an automobile to someone who’s several states away or are trying to move all of your possessions from point A to point B, you might very well benefit from using vehicle transport services. These services enable you to ship a car over thousands of miles, allowing you to move the car without racking up miles on it. 

There are numerous different types of transport services available, each of which offers a different set of benefits and downsides. Learn more about these different services by reading below! 

Open Vehicle Transport

Open vehicle transport is a service in which your vehicle is loaded onto the back of a truck amongst a variety of other vehicles. Your vehicle is locked in place so that it won’t move. However, there’s nothing enclosing it or protecting it from potentially harmful elements (like hail, for instance). 

When compared with enclosed vehicle transport, this is the cheaper option. Again, this is because your vehicle is shipped amongst other cars. The ability to ship several cars in one drive makes for a less costly trip for the transport company; these cost savings are passed down to you, the customer. 

Another big benefit of open vehicle transport is that it’s more flexible in terms of shipping dates. Because there are more spots available, it’s easier to find a time slot that suits you. 

Open vehicle transport also enables you to ship several of your vehicles at once. In other words, they’ll arrive at the desired point at exactly the same time. This isn’t always true of enclosed vehicle transport. 

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

If you’re looking for a little more protection for your vehicle during the transport process, you should go with enclosed vehicle transport. This is when your vehicle is stored inside of an enclosed vehicle transporter and kept separate from other vehicles. It’s beneficial in that it provides full protection from the elements as well as from potential damage-causing entities (like rocks or tree branches, for instance). 

This form of transport can be used for any type of vehicle. Note, though, that it’s the only viable form of transport for vehicles that possess low ground clearance. These vehicles include brands like Porsche, Mercedes, and Ferrari, to name just a few. 

In other words, if you have one of these vehicles, it can’t be shipped with open vehicle transport. It can only be shipped with enclosed vehicle transport. 

Now, enclosed vehicle transport is the more expensive option. However, with the added protection it provides, it could very well be a more suitable option for your vehicle.

Cross Country Vehicle Transport

Whether you’re transporting your vehicle to the other side of the state, several states over, or all the way across the country (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Alaska!), you can be accommodated. We deliver vehicles to homes, offices, warehouses, and otherwise. Regardless of where your vehicle is shipped to, it will be treated with the utmost care and protection. 

Oversized Vehicle Transport

We don’t just ship cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. We’re more than capable of shipping oversized vehicles as well. These run the gamut from RVs to tractors to boats and much more.

If you have a question about the shipment of your oversized vehicle, give us a call. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have! 

Motorcycle Transport 

We also ship smaller vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and the like. We have all of the equipment necessary to ship these vehicles securely and will get them from point A to point B without a single blemish. For questions about the shipment of motorcycles and other small vehicles, call us now! 

College Vehicle Transport

Maybe your son or daughter is taking their vehicle to college across the country but doesn’t want to drive it the long distance it takes to get there. If so, you can use vehicle transport services to get the vehicle there for you. It will show up on time and in its current physical condition. 

Military Vehicle Transportation

We are also capable of transporting military vehicles. These run the gamut from tanks to jeeps to amphibious vehicles and more. We have all of the equipment necessary to keep these vehicles safe and secure, and are therefore able to get them anywhere in one piece. 

Regardless of the type of military vehicle you’re looking to move, we can assist you. Contact us now to discuss the specifics of your move! 

Seasonal Vehicle Transport

Maybe you have a vacation house in Florida? Perhaps you’re spending the summer up on the Great Lakes? In any case, if you’re going to live in a different place for the season, you’re likely going to need a vehicle to get around in. 

Now, you could drive the vehicle the long distance it takes to get there. However, in many cases, it’s ideal to just have it transported by a professional transport company. You can take a plane and meet the vehicle there on a designated date. 

Looking for a Transport Service to Help Move Your Vehicle?

Are you looking to move your vehicle across the country? In search of a transport service to help you do so? Look no further than Luxy Transport. 

We offer all of the transport services discussed in this article, from cross country vehicle transport to enclosed vehicle transport to open vehicle transport and beyond. 

Contact us for your free auto transport quote! 

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