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Is Open Auto Transport Worth It: Let Us Find Out!

The United States is a large country. Shifting from one state to another is never an easy task. Let alone moving with one or several automobiles. Open auto transport services operating in the US can help you out. They can take the responsibility of collecting and picking up the car. Then they will prepare the car for shipping and take it off your hands. Your car will be safely dropped off at a pre-determined location.

These automobile companies operate on one principle: convenience for the customer! So you can book, and ship your car throughout the United States from the comfort of your house. This enables you to focus on other aspects of the hectic shifting activities. Let us go through the steps you need to follow to book an open car transport service:

1. Check pricing and quotations: The best open transport car shipping services in the US can check the distance, and car type and quote you prices online over email, or the phone. You can compare prices, and choose your preferred location and time slots online. Open car transport is the most bang-for-buck vehicle transport solution when compared with services such as enclosed car transport or driving your car to the destination. You are guaranteed to receive competitive prices when you choose the top service providers in the country.

2. Book your Car shipping slot: The transport specialists will ask for relevant information while booking your service. Keep info such as car type, vehicle information, contact information, and pickup & drop destination handy. Once you provide all the details and agree to the price quoted by the transport specialist, you can expect the necessary arrangements to be done as soon as 72 hours after booking. Once successfully booked, you may contact the transport specialist for updates or queries on your booking.

3. Pickup: Once you have successfully booked your transportation slot, your car will be picked up from the determined pickup spot. It will be carefully prepped, loaded onto the open trailer, and strapped in place. Expert transport professionals ensure that the car is tightly strapped in place and does not move about in transit as it may damage the external parts. Choosing reputed transporters with a track record of providing high-quality customer service is essential to avoid damages in the transit process.

4. Drop off: The professionals at this job have been driving around the country for extended periods. They ensure your vehicle reaches you safely and on time. With customer satisfaction in mind, they ensure that they minimize your hassles and provide you with a smooth experience. You may wait at the destination at the designated time to collect your vehicle. The transport professionals will unload the vehicle and deliver the shipment to you.


Opencar transport can offer some benefits over other methods of car transport services. You are recommended to choose transporters who have an extensive shipping network throughout the country, even in the states like Alaska and Hawaii. Check your quotes and book your slot online now. Choose from the best-reputed service providers to ensure reliability, speed, and safety when shipping your vehicle cross-country. 

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