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Is It Safe to Ship Your Car?

In 2021, a little less than one-fifth of all moves in America were interstate moves.

A state move is significant, particularly if you’re moving to a faraway locale like Alaska or offshore Hawaii. Likely, you’ll want to take some big ticket items with you rather than repurchasing everything.

Those super comfy couches. Your double-wide fridge. Your car.

While transporting household goods is standard, moving a vehicle is a little less ordinary. So you might be wondering, “Is it safe to ship your car?” Read on to learn about the risks and how to avoid them.

What Is Car Shipping?

If you’re moving across the state and need to take your car (or any other vehicle) with you, you call an auto shipping company.

First, you decide which company you want to work with. Next, you contact the company for a quotation and confirm the delivery schedule. Because vehicle movers typically ship multiple cars at one time, you may be given a range of times to choose from.

In door-to-door service, the company will pick the car up from your current home and drop it off at your new home. Other companies transport your vehicle from and to a designated pick-up point in both locations.

Types of Transport Explained

Two main transport service options are available to those wishing to ship their car or another vehicle across state lines.

Most customers choose open transportation, where cars are shipped on a truck bed that is open to the elements. Typically, the cars are stacked one above the other on two rows of ramps. The cars are held safely in place using straps and other fixtures.

This is the cheapest and usually the fastest transport option because many cars lower costs.

Enclosed auto transport is the safest of these two transport options. Because your car is transported in a fully covered truck bed, it’s protected from the weather and theft. These transport vehicles usually have lift gates to ensure low clearance cars can quickly drive on and off without damage.

An Overview of Auto Transport Risks

While shipping your car is, in most cases, safe, there are a few risks you need to be aware of. These risks, however, are mitigated by working with a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced hauler.

Road Accidents

Despite an overall decrease in motor vehicle accidents in the United States over the past few years, large truck accidents (trucks weighing between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds) have increased. The reasons for these crashes are varied and typically out of the driver’s control: encountering reckless road users, road obstructions, and wild weather.

And, of course, the accident incident is overall low since it takes a lot for these enormous trucks to crash. So while this may be a concern for you, it’s unlikely to happen. To counter these measures, ensure the transport company you work with has insurance.


Another issue you may be concerned about is theft. This is an issue on two fronts: theft of your vehicle and theft of belongings inside your car.

The first issue, theft of the vehicle, is a pretty tricky thing to achieve—even if you opt for open transportation. Once the vehicles are loaded onto the back of a truck, they’re almost impossible to get off again until they arrive at their destination. Not only are several other vehicles blocking access to your car, but they’re also securely fastened to the truck bed.

Regarding your car being broken into, this action would have to occur while the vehicle is sitting on the back of the truck or in a parking garage awaiting transport. And that would be difficult for even the cleverest criminal! If you’re worried about this remote possibility, clear your car of any valuables before shipping it.


Damage is a real possibility when your car is on the truck, particularly if you go with a less-than-reputable or inexperienced transport company.

Avoiding dents, dings, and scratches depends on how the cars are arranged on the transporter, the types of ties and fixtures used to secure the vehicles, and the drivers’ skill in moving the cars on and off.

If you work with the wrong company, there is a risk of damage. So choose wisely!

Tips for Finding a Safe Carrier

Whether you choose enclosed or open car transport, the need to find a reputable, experienced transport company is the same. Both options are safe if the auto transporter knows what they’re doing.

To find the perfect company for your needs:

  • Read reviews (for example, on the Better Business Bureau) and get recommendations
  • Review a company’s customer testimonials
  • Make a shortlist of companies and interview them
  • Ask about their licensing and insurance
  • Get quotes and compare them
  • Ask about their pre-delivery inspection process

A reliable car transport company should be friendly, willing to answer all of your questions, and forthcoming with licensing and other essential information.

Research is essential to avoid the many fraudulent companies. For example, be suspicious if a company quotes you at a far lower price than its competitors. Likewise, be wary if they ask for a deposit before shipping.

Once you’ve confirmed the company and your delivery schedule, clear out your car of all valuables and damageable items. Take photos of every inch of your vehicle—this will help you assess for (and prove, if necessary) any damages after delivery.

Ship Your Car With Luxy Transport

If you choose to ship your car during your interstate move, you can rest assured it is generally a safe option. While there is a small risk of theft, accidents, or damage, if you do your homework and choose an experienced, licensed, insured carrier, those risks are slim to none.

Thankfully, transporting your vehicle across the United States—even to Hawaii or Alaska—is easy with an experienced company on your side. And that company is Luxy Transport!

We provide clients with a cost-effective quote, work with your shipping dates, and offer door-to-door transit. Contact us today to learn more.

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