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How to Transport a Car Without Driving It

Were you one of the 6.6 million Americans who got hired in April? If so, we wish you all the best with your new gig! The trouble is if that new job’s in Boston and you live in Seattle, how’re you going to get your car over there?

A road trip might have been fun when you were 20. But chances are you’re not happy to put 3,000 extra miles on the clock of your current ride, or in the mood for 45 hours on the road. You need a service that can transport a car safely to its new home.

Join us as we explore everything you need to know about car transportation. 

How to Transport a Car

If you need to transport a car without driving it yourself, you have four main options. They are:

  • Hire a non-professional to drive it and pay to fly them home
  • Hire a professional driver
  • Use Amtrak’s Auto Train service (where available)
  • Use a professional car transportation service

Each option has its pros and cons.

Non-Professional Driver

If you’ve got a buddy who’s in college or looking for a side-hustle, they may be willing to drive your car for expenses and a few extra bucks. It’s a road trip for them, but it comes with some serious drawbacks.

First, all the miles that go on the clock and the wear and tear on the car. This could really add up, depending on the distance you’re moving. Also, they’re not a pro and may not treat your car with the respect it deserves.

Finally, you need to make sure they’re insured. The cost of adding them to your policy may negate the benefits, if there are any, of this solution.

Professional Driver

This is generally a premium service and as such can be very expensive. You get the security of knowing the car is in good hands. Typically the company’s insurance will cover the car for the journey.

The downside is the cost and the fact that you have to work to their schedule.

Amtrak Auto Train

Amtrak Auto Train is an option if you’re moving within a very specific area. It starts its 855-mile journey in Lorton, VA and terminates in Sanford, FL. This could be a great option if you’re moving, for example, from Georgia to Washington, DC.

You drive your car onto the train and then head for your seat. At the destination, you’re reunited with your vehicle. It cuts out the stress of driving the I-95. It’s a neat option, but only if you’re moving within its area of operation.

Car Transportation Service

A car transportation service will ship a car cross country for a fixed price. The cost to transport a car varies depending on three main factors. They are the weight of your vehicle, distance, and open-air or enclosed transportation.

For example, for a long journey cross country, you may pay up to $1,600 to move an SUV. Of course, rising fuel prices will impact the quotations you get right now.

If you want to keep costs down, choose the open-air option. Typically, this is a third less expensive than the enclosed option. But of course, your car doesn’t benefit from the same level of protection.

If you choose open-air transportation, your car will be shipped on a car transporter along with up to 9 other vehicles. This can take time depending on the number of drop-offs they have to make. The whole time, your car is unprotected from the sun, rain, and anything else the sky deposits on it.

An enclosed car trailer transports far fewer vehicles, typically four at a time. This is perfect for high-end models or vintage cars that need a little extra care and attention. It’ll cost you more, but your vehicle is protected from the weather.

Plus, because there are fewer cars to deliver, you may get a faster delivery time as well. 

The Benefits of a Car Transportation Service

A car transportation service means that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. Many companies offer a door-to-door service. You don’t even need to drop the car off.

They’ll come right to your home to collect it. The next time you see it is when they deliver it to your new address across the country. The best companies offer this kind of door-to-door service even in rural and downtown areas.

Tips for Successful Car Transportation

To ensure your car gets from A to B in one piece, take some time to do your research. Get to know the company and check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They can help you to plan a successful move and research carriers.

Make sure you’re comparing like-for-like quotes from car transportation companies. Go by reputation rather than solely on price. Also, investigate their insurance coverage so you have peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

Don’t leave shipping your car to the last minute. It’s more complicated than shipping a package. Deliveries can take weeks and you don’t want to rush into the first deal that comes along.

When they come to collect the vehicle, inspect it with the assessor. Only sign the assessor’s report if you’re happy with their evaluation. When the vehicle is unloaded, it should be in the same condition as when it left you.

Finally, don’t use your car to ship your stuff! The car should be empty so that nothing goes missing along the way.

Choose the Right Car Transportation Service for You

Choosing to transport a car that you love can be a great choice when it’s time to relocate. But if you’re moving long-distance, hiring a driver is probably not the best option. Ship a car with peace of mind using a car transportation service. 

Door-to-door delivery allows you to get on with your new life with the car you love. Contact us today to find out how we can get your car where it needs to go.

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