Shipping Your Car

How Shipping Your Car Can Preserve Its Value

Are you moving to a new place and trying to figure out the best way to get your car there?

If so, your first thought might be to pack up your car with at least some of your belongings and drive it to your final destination yourself. If you’re only moving an hour or two away, this might be a great idea.

But if you’re making a long-distance move, you’ll be better off shipping your car as opposed to driving it. It’ll make moving so much less stressful than it would be otherwise.

Shipping your car will also help to preserve its value in a variety of ways. This will make the cost of car shipping well worth it in the end.

Would you like to find out some of the ways in which shipping a car as opposed to driving it will help your vehicle maintain its value? Learn all about them below.

Prevents You From Putting Too Much Wear and Tear on Your Car

If you decide to drive your car to a different state, a different region, or even a different part of the country entirely, you’re going to put a lot of wear and tear on it while getting it from point A to point B. You’ll put a strain on everything from your tires to your engine.

You can get around this by shipping your car rather than driving it to wherever you might be moving. You won’t put any wear and tear on your car at all when you arrange to have it shipped through a reputable auto transport service.

Generally speaking, you should always make every effort to steer clear of putting too much wear and tear on your car. You can be extra diligent about doing this by shipping your car versus driving it when you’re making a long-distance move.

Stops You From Putting Extra Mileage on Your Car

Cars are lasting for longer than ever before these days. It isn’t uncommon at all for a car to last well over 200,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

But this doesn’t mean that you should put any unnecessary mileage on it. Whenever possible, you should try to scale back on how many miles you’re putting on your car during a short window of time.

Shipping your car when you move a long distance is going to help you to avoid putting too many miles on your vehicle at once. You won’t have to be concerned about putting an extra 1,000 miles or more on your car while driving it to a new place.

Reduces the Chances of Your Car Being Involved in an Accident

There are about 6 million car accidents that take place throughout the country every single year. Statistically, there is a good chance that you’re going to be involved in at least one car crash at some point in your life.

You may, however, be able to bring the chances of you being involved in an accident down by avoiding driving when you don’t have to. Shipping your car when you’re moving will be one of the many instances in which you’ll be able to reduce your chances of getting into a car accident.

Getting into even a minor car accident can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s value. It’s why you should do whatever it takes to cut down your chances of getting into a crash while you’re driving your car to a different state.

Helps You Avoid Having Your Car Break Down on You in the Middle of Nowhere

If you do decide to drive your car to a new place instead of shipping it, you’ll want to have it tuned up before you do. This should help you avoid having your car break down on you when you’re halfway through your trip.

But even if you have your car worked on prior to leaving, it could still break down on you if something goes wrong with it. And this could put you in a position where you’ll need to have it fixed at an auto repair shop you aren’t familiar with.

You might get lucky and stumble upon a shop that will do fantastic work on your car. But you might also end up working with a shop that isn’t going to do a great job, and that could affect your vehicle’s value in a negative way.

All of this will make you wish you had gone through the process of shipping your car in the first place. It’ll negate the need to find an auto repair shop to work on your vehicle at any point.

Keeps the Interior of Your Car Nice and Clean

As we alluded to earlier, it would make all the sense in the world to pack your car up tight with at least some of your personal possessions if you’re going to drive it to your final destination when moving. But doing that is yet another thing that could take a toll on your car and its value.

While you’re making your way from point A to point B, your personal possessions could potentially mess up the interior of your car. This could hurt your car’s value in the long run. It’s one more reason to strongly consider shipping your car and not driving it yourself.

Contact Us to See How Else Shipping Your Car Can Benefit You

As you can see, shipping your car when you’re moving would make a whole lot of sense. You’ll be able to maintain your car’s value by taking this approach to getting your car to wherever it needs to be.

We’re a freight broker that can help you find the auto transport service you’ll need to ship your vehicle. Whether you’re shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or somewhere a little closer to home, we can assist you.

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