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Deciding Between Shipping or Driving Your Car During a Move

Have you purchased a new luxury car this year and are planning to relocate from Alaska due to a job change? What might be your primary concern right now? Packing belongings, moving furniture, apprehension about the new workplace, among other things. However, have you considered the most significant worry? Yes, we are talking about transporting your luxury car. It might keep you up at night, given the need for meticulous handling and entrusting it to highly responsible individuals.

But finally, you’ve chosen to drive the car to your new city, assuming it is safe and cost-effective. But is this the best decision? Would you like to know why it is crucial to transport luxury cars carefully through the best Alaska auto transport company and why driving to a new location on your own might not be the best idea? Let’s find that!

Which is the safer option: shipping your car or driving it?

When it comes to moving your car to or from Alaska, the question of safety between shipping and driving is crucial. Driving might seem like the familiar choice, but safety-wise, shipping your car often stands out as the better option. When you drive, various unpredictable factors like road conditions, weather, and long hours on the road pose risks. Accidents and fatigue can make it less safe.

On the contrary, shipping a car to Alaska or from Alaska through the best car shipping services ensures professional handling, reducing the risk of wear and tear or potential accidents on the road. This method shields your vehicle from potential damage or added mileage. Ultimately, for safety reasons, opting to ship your car emerges as the wiser choice, providing a secure passage to your vehicle without exposing it to the uncertainties of the road.

Which is more cost-effective: shipping or moving by yourself?

When comparing the affordability of shipping and driving your vehicle, several factors come into play. While driving might initially seem cost-effective, it can accumulate expenses significantly. Driving long distances means facing fatigue, leading to potential risks on the road. Additionally, the expenses associated with a road trip, including accommodation, meals, beverages, and fuel costs, can add up quickly. Staying in hotels along the way, dining out, and the continuous need for fuel can strain the budget considerably.

Do you know? In Alaska, the cost of 1 liter of gas is $1.27. ( The average price for a standard hotel room in Alaska is around $275 per night. Economy hotels are approximately $100, while premium or luxury accommodations tend to be around $100 more expensive.


Additionally, Alaska is known for its relatively higher food costs.

But when you choose car shipping in Alaska, it eliminates the need for those added expenses of accommodation, dining, and frequent refueling. Overall, while the upfront cost of shipping might seem higher initially, when considering the collective expenses involved in a long-distance drive, shipping your car emerges as the more financially prudent choice.


For shipping vehicles to Alaska or from Alaska, consider top car transport companies. They offer reliable services for a smooth and secure transport process. Luxy Transport stands out as an excellent choice for car shipping due to its stellar track record of reliable and secure services, ensuring a seamless transportation experience for vehicles to any destination with utmost care and professionalism.

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