Cross Country Car Shipping

Cross Country Car Shipping: Step-by-Step Guide

Cross-country car shipping is moving a vehicle from one country to another via a shipping company.

When moving a vehicle across the states, cross-country shipping services can be more or less costly depending on the transportation you choose, distance, and car type. 

The average cost for moving a car service around the country is $0.58 per 1,500 miles, and the price per mile increases for closer distances. If you have a luxurious vehicle, such as a Rolls Royce, you may want to request special transportation for extra security.

The content below has all the helpful information on how to save money, pack your car, and find the best cross-car shipping service.

How to Ship a Car Across the Country

You must understand four main points before hiring a moving service. To transport your car across the country, you must first determine the:

  1. Car delivery type: Terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door
  1. Car transport type: Open air or enclosed
  1. Car pickup and delivery options: Distance, time of transportation, and delivery are the factors that determine the arrangement.

To help you pick the most appropriate option, we review each point in detail below.

Car Delivery Type

The type of car delivery you choose depends on whether you want the vehicle sent straight to your home or the nearest drop-off. 

Here are some notable differences between the two:

  • Terminal-to-terminal: If you opt for this option, you need to take the car to the nearest place, so the moving service can take it and unload it at the closest terminal in the state you’re moving to. Since the service only takes the vehicle from terminal to terminal, the price is significantly smaller.
  • Door-to-door: As the name implies, with this moving service, you hire a service to pick up your vehicle from your home and deliver it to the new home. This option is more expensive, but you won’t have to waste time picking it up.

Car Transport Type

Car Transport Type

The most appropriate transport type depends on your car type. Your options are as follows:

  • Open-air transport: The open-air option is similar to towing, where the moving service takes several cars on a trailer to reduce costs. Although it sounds risky shipping your vehicle across the country in the open air, moving companies offer safe transportation. However, weather conditions, such as an unexpected hail storm, may damage your car.
  • Enclosed Trasport: This is the safer option of the two. If you have an expensive vehicle, go for the enclosed transport. Usually, sports car owners pick this option. But, bear in mind that it is more costly.

Car Pickup and Delivery Options

Several factors affect the delivery price — the most significant being distance. However, when arranging the car shipping service, you should also consider:

  • The time of year: If it’s during the peak season (spring or summer), you’ll probably have to pay more. Therefore, ask your service for available options during the colder months
  • The delivery time: If you arrange for your car to be delivered within two days, you’ll have to pay extra, as opposed to getting your car in 12 days.

How to Pack Your Car

Car shipping deliveries are legally bound to transport only cars without personal belongings. Therefore, you should empty your car before the service arrives; otherwise, they won’t pick it up.

Take photos of your car from various angles. In case of an accident, you’ll have proof to offer to the insurance policy, or else you’ll have to cover the damage on your own.

Luxy Transport: The Most Reliable Cross-Country Shipping Service in the States

To find the most reliable cross-country shipping services, you should look for a provider you can trust with your car – such as Luxy Transport.

We are an experienced and fully secure shipping company offering open and enclosed vehicle transport across the states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

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