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Car Transport Service in New Jersey: What Determines the Cost?

Imagine this: You have just found your dream car for sale on the other side of the country in New Jersey, and it’s a vintage beauty you can’t resist. Or perhaps you are getting ready to move to a new city and need a safe and reliable way to transport your loyal four-wheeled companion. Whether you are moving permanently, or need a ride for your precious car, professional car transport service in New Jersey can always come in handy.

Location and Distance

Evidently, this is the most significant factor determining the cost of your car transport. The cost is typically less if you live close to the city where the auto shipping firm is situated. In addition, the distance between your starting location and destination also matters along with the drop-off distance, in case the shipping provider doesn’t pick up your vehicle from your doorstep. The longer the distance, the higher the cost, and this is due to the fuel usage, mileage, and the hours the professionals spend on shipping the car or driving the trailer. 

Mode of Shipment/ Vehicle Type

While door-to-door transport can be a tad costly, terminal-to-terminal transport can be relatively less expensive. If you want something practical and efficient, door-to-door transport always works as it offers you convenience. In door-to-door transport, your vehicle is delivered to your home or preferred location, and the driver can sign all the documents for you, so this mode is a bit pricey. The type of vehicle you intend to transport is another critical cost determinant. Typically, smaller and lighter cars are more affordable to ship, as compared to larger vehicles or specialty cars. The weight and size of the vehicle directly impact the space it occupies on the carrier and the resources required. In addition, the type of trailer (enclosed or open) also impacts the shipping cost. 

Condition of Your Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle also determines the shipping cost. If your car is operational, the carrier can drive it onto the carrier, which might reduce the cost. However, if your vehicle is inoperable, it will require special equipment for loading and unloading, increasing the transportation cost. If possible, inform the transport company about your car’s condition upfront to receive an accurate quote. 

Season and Timeframe

The time of year and how quickly you need your car to be transported can also affect the cost. During peak seasons, such as the summer months when many people are moving or vacationing, car transport costs may be higher due to increased demand. Planning well in advance and having flexibility with your delivery date can help you secure a more cost-effective deal.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to ship your vehicle and want to get a good idea of how much it will cost, these tips can always help. Although you might not round up an exact amount, these factors can always help you get a fair idea of everything that determines the overall shipping cost. Need an exact quote for auto shipping in New Jersey? Reach out to the professionals at Luxy Transport today! 

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